Criminology Program Requirements

These requirements are from an excerpt from the University Academic Catalog, which outlines the requirements for a student to earn the distinction of being a Castleton University graduate. The complete catalog is available online.

Students in the Sociology program will be prepared for careers in many fields, graduate school, and participation in society. Our students will graduate with an appreciation of the connection between individual experiences and the social forces in society.


  1. Graduates will be prepared to enter a wide range of occupations and graduate education opportunities.
  2. Graduates will actively acquire an appreciation for diversity and develop a more diverse world view.
  3. Graduates will develop an applied understanding of the social, cultural, and political dynamics affecting relationships between groups, organizations, institutions, and nations.
  4. Graduates will develop the ability to use the sociological imagination to view social life from various perspectives.
  5. Graduates will develop the ability to utilize the research tools of sociology for the critical evaluation of contemporary society.

BA in Sociology with a Concentration in Criminology

This concentration focuses attention on applications of Sociological research and theory to the study of crime: including its etiology, the police, courts, corrections, victims and law.

Complete 31 credits in Sociology to include:

Code Course Credits

CRJ 3010

Crime Victims

An interdisciplinary study of criminal victimization and prevention. The course examines patterns of crime, offending, and victimization and how to use such information to prevent violent and property crime, including rape, domestic violence, and hate crime. Other issues to be explored include victimization theories, prevention programs, treatment of victims, and victims' rights and remedies.

Prerequisite: CRJ 1010, SOC 1010, and Junior standing or consent of instructor.



CRJ 3050

Law and Society

An examination of the nature and function of civil & criminal law in modern society. Current legal issues and their relationship to social institutions are highlighted.

Prerequisite: CRJ 1010, SOC 1010, or consent of instructor.

Fall, alternate years


SOC 1010

Introduction to Sociology

A systematic introduction to the study of social behavior and social organization. The major conceptual tools of sociology are used to explore the structure, processes, and content of social action; to provide insight into the regularity and diversity of human social behavior.

This course fulfills the Social and Behavioral Understanding Frame of Reference.

Every semester


SOC 2040

Race, Ethnicity, Class and Gender

An exploration of the historical and contemporary roots for discrimination (especially on the institutional level) on the basis of race, ethnicity, class, and gender. This course examines issues such as culture, identity, and oppression.

Prerequisite: SOC 1010 or consent of instructor.

Every semester


SOC 2210

Deviant Behavior

An examination of theories of etiology and distribution of deviant behavior.

Prerequisite: SOC 1010 or consent of instructor.



SOC 3210


An interdisciplinary study of the causes of crime and criminal behavior, with particular emphasis on sociological perspectives. Classical through contemporary criminological theories will be examined, as well as patterns and varieties of crime.

Prerequisite: SOC 1010 or consent of instructor.



SOC 3910

Research Methods

Introduction to the basic methods of sociological research design, data collection, the organization and analysis of data, and their interpretation through an actual research project. This course fulfills the Gen Ed computing requirement for Sociology majors.

Prerequisite: Junior majors in SOC, CRJ or acceptance in Social Work program, or consent of instructor.


SOC 4020

Sociological Theory

Critical analysis of the development of sociological thought from Comte to the present, with particular emphasis on the theoretical contributions which have been instrumental in the emergence of sociology as and academic discipline.

Prerequisite: SOC 1010 or consent of instructor.


SOC 4720

Capstone Seminar and Careers in Sociology

  • and complete 3 additional credits in SOC

A culminating seminar for Sociology majors to demonstrate an understanding of the field of sociology, the methods of sociological research, and investigate careers and graduate school opportunities in Sociology and related fields.

Prerequisite: SOC 3910 and SOC 4020.


and complete 12 credits in related work (approved by the coordinator)

(Credits required for the major: 43 cr)

And complete the University's Gen Ed requirements

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