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The John and Susan Casella Theater

Casella Theater

The John and Susan Casella Theater, located on the first floor of the Fine Arts Center, is a 484-seat proscenium style theater. All of the Theater Arts main stage productions are performed on the Casella stage.

Technical Information

  • Seating: 484, 10 wheelchair accessible 
  • Stage Dimensions:  Stage and wings total 86’ wide. Proscenium arch to back wall 29’
  • Proscenium:  18’ height, width adjustable from 32’ to 39’-11.5” via sliding tormentor panels. 35’-5” maximum width with monitor speakers on tormentor pipes.
  • Stage:  29’6” deep. Usable space 26’ to cyclorama. Use of cyclorama negates onstage crossover
  • Apron: Rounded fore stage, 16’ downstage from plaster line at center, 11’ at either extreme of the proscenium arch. This includes measurements for the hydraulic orchestra pit.
  • Wing Space:  Stage right is 25’ of clear space – partial (17’6”) stage depth. Stage left is 20’ of clear space-full stage depth. Obstructions beyond that are ladder storage USL. Lighting and pipe storage USR.
  • Grid Height:  From deck to the top of the grid surface is 45’ with an effective flying height of 43’
  • Orchestra Pit:  Pit is 10’ 1” deep across the front of the rounded apron
  • The downstage area measures 32’ across, while the upstage area measures 25’3” across
  • Four predetermined levels:
  • {0’  stage level}, {-3’4” house level}, {-7’ orchestra}, {-10’ green room}
  • Lower levels are accessible from the Green Room
  • Stage height:  3’4” above the house floor
  • In-show pit moves are strongly discouraged
  • Stage Floor: Painted Masonite new as of 8/25/06. Acceptable spring for dance use

The Black Box TheaterBlack Box

The Black Box Theater is a small, intimate performance space, which seats up to 60 audience members. It is primarily dedicated to student production and studio work.

Technical Information

  • Seating:  60 Max
  • Room Dimensions:  24’ x 33’
  •  Pipe Grid Height:  13’-4”
  •  Lighting:
    • Dimmers: 48, 1.2Kw, ETC Smartpack
    • Board: ETC Element, 60-250
    • Lighting instruments:
      • 24 ETC Source Four Jr. Zoom
      • 24 Fresnels, 6”
  •  Sound:
    • Soundboard with built in 100w amplifier for 2-speaker system
    • 1, 5-disc carousel CD player
    • 1, single-disc CD player

The Performance StudioPerformance Studio

The performance studio is located on the lower level of the Fine Arts Center. It houses the performance-based classes such as: Acting, Directing, and Dance. It also serves as the rehearsal studio for main stage productions.

Technical Information

  • Room Dimensions: 53’ wide x 26’ deep
    • Mirrors: 36' width of 6' tall
    • Ballet Bar: 38" height along the wall opposite the mirrors
  • Audio Video Cabinet:
    • Sound System
    • CD player
    • MP3 jack
    • Blu-ray / DVD player
    • VGA with 1/8”audio jack to TV (for computer hook-up)

The Scenic StudioScenic Studio

The scenic studio is located at the back of the Fine Arts Center, adjacent to the Casella stage and boasts 1,280 square feet of build space. Here students learn the various tools and practices used in the construction, painting, and mounting of scenic elements for the stage. Classes taught here include Stagecraft, Scenic Painting, and Stage Rigging and Metalwork.

The Design Studio

The design studio is located in room 120 of the Fine Arts Center. This is where the majority of the Theater Arts design courses are taught. It houses ten drafting stations and an adjacent workroom with cutting tables and supply cabinet. In the design studio, students develop skills in the various areas of theatrical design such as: scene design, costume design, and lighting design. Here they can hone their craft by drafting plots, sketching design concepts, producing renderings, and building models.

The Costume ShopCostume Shop

The costume shop is located on the lower level of the Fine Arts Center across the hall from the performance studio. Here,students work with faculty to build, alter, dye, and prepare the costumes for department productions. Students also work with hair, wigs, makeup, and special effects makeup.

Theater Arts Costume Collection

The Castleton Theater Arts Department maintains one of the largest collections of costume stock in the state of Vermont. Pieces are often rented out to local and regional professional theaters and film companies.

The Green Room

The Green Room is located in the lower level of the Fine Arts Center directly under the Casella stage.  During productions, it serves as the waiting area for performers before they go onstage and houses the men’s and women’s dressing rooms. It is also a multi-purpose room that serves as the conference room for production meetings and student organizations as well as a rehearsal space and student lounge. The Green Room is outfitted with three computer workstations for student use and houses the department’s large format plotter.