Internship & Career Opportunities

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program prepares students for employment and entrepreneurship in a variety of settings. Students are encouraged to enhance their global citizenship and strengthen their commitment to their respective communities. Additionally, students build leadership skills that prepare their entry into a number of possible workplaces, ventures, and opportunities.

Given the interdisciplinarity of our program, students may find that they are increasingly prepared for greater employment possibilities in the formal labor market. The program encourages students to identify ways to begin making a difference while in college. Upon graduation, students can build bridges between the experiences they gained in college to the ones they will have in the workplace.

A number of internships and opportunities for professional development are available to enrich each students experience. These experiences provide students with exposure to the field, while also allowing them to make meaningful contributions to the community.

Current Internship

Rutland County Women's Network & ShelterCrisis Advocate

Rutland, VT

Providing best practice trauma informed assistance to victims of domestic and sexual violence; group facilitation. Must be motivated. Learn to work directly with victims of sexual and domestic violence through providing case management, crisis intervention and safety planning.

To Apply

Contact Name: Avaloy Lanning

Phone: (802) 775-6788


PO Box 313, Rutland VT, 05702