Outside the Classroom

A number of our courses support civic engagement, which further prepares students for a variety of careers. Students interested in implementing their classroom learning to improving the community can select classes from a wide variety of offerings. These courses are designed to support the university mission, by providing “numerous opportunities for outside-the-classroom learning,” nurturing an “active and supportive campus community,” and preparing students “for meaningful careers; further academic pursuits; and engaged, environmentally responsible citizenship.” 

The women's and gender studies courses with civic engagement designation further encourage students to get involved in our university and local communities. In these courses, students create programs and events that help to raise awareness of gendered realities and gender-based inequities that exist in the world, at the local, regional, national, and international levels. They are also encouraged to think about issues of equity and justice, more broadly defined.

Some of the service and civic engagement requirements in these courses have resulted in students offering peer education, raising awareness of poverty and hunger, and helping to promote gender equity and social justice. These themes help create stronger students individually, but collectively work to instill values of community into the University and beyond. In general, women's and gender studies courses encourage students to become increasingly responsible and accountable adults. The civic engagement designated courses further encourage that in students, providing them with multiple opportunities to enhance their responsibility and accountability to the university and local communities.

Students are encouraged to visit Career Services, for more information about employment opportunities. The Women's and Gender Studies Department also works closely with The Center, which supports students interested in collaborating with community members to improve both the University and local communities.