Application Checklist & Deadlines

Castleton has a rolling admission policy. When you submit your application, you will be emailed a link to your personalized Application Status Page where you can view the status of your checklist (documents required to be considered for admission).

Admissions will review your application individually and holistically as soon as all checklist items are received. You are likely to be notified of a decision within 10 business days. Some applications may require additional time. As soon as a decision has been reached, you will be notified by email and your decision letter will be posted on your Application Status Page.

If you have any questions about your checklist or how to submit documents, we encourage you to contact the Office of Admissions. Personalized contact enables us to get to know you and assist you through the application process.

First Year Students

If you have never attempted college credits, or if you have college coursework prior to high school completion, please follow this checklist for first year students:

  • Application & fee or fee waiver
  • Essay (250 word minimum)
  • Official high school transcript or official equivalency exam scores (G.E.D.) (senior year first marking period grades may also be requested)
  • SAT or ACT scores (waived if you have been away from formal education for 3 or more years)
  • Current letter of recommendation (preferred from school counselor and teacher or employer)

Transfer Students

If you have attempted college coursework after your high school graduation or GED completion date, please follow this checklist for transfer students:

  • Application & fee or fee waiver
  • Essay (250 word minimum)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • One current letter of recommendation (preferred from professor or employer)
  • If you have 18 or less post-secondary college credits, your high school transcript or GED and SAT or ACT scores are required

International Students

Please follow the Undergraduate International Admissions Requirements.

Document Submission

Most documents can be submitted through the Common Application. Items submitted with the Common Application will be received by Castleton Admissions and do not have to be resubmitted. 

Checklist documents can be submitted in the following ways: 

  • Fee or Fee Waiver can be paid or waived on application by following prompts. Open House attendees are welcome to answer 'yes' to the fee waiver question; we will verify your open house attendance on receipt.
  • Essay can be submitted with application by following prompts, uploaded to your Application Status Page, or submitted via email.
  • Transcripts must be officially submitted from all institutions attended. Transfer students currently enrolled elsewhere may email an unofficial transcript of in progress coursework; this can be used for review purposes, yet official transcript will be required for enrollment. 
  • SAT or ACT scores must be officially submitted from the testing organization or your high school. Students may email us unofficial score reports; these can be used for review purposes, yet official test score report will be required for enrollment. 
  • Current letter of recommendation must be submitted by the author. They can submit via email or mail to admissions, or via upload (if prompted on your application).  

Below are Castleton’s school codes and avenues for document submission:

  • College Board CEEB code: #3765, ACT code: #4314, FAFSA code: #003683
  • Admissions Office mailing address: Office of Admissions, Castleton University, Castleton, VT 05735
  • Admissions Office email:
  • Admissions Office fax # (802) 468-1476