Art Department Admission Requirements

Admission & Art Portfolio

All students seeking admission to Castleton are required to submit their application for admission and all supporting materials as required by the Admissions Office. 

Prospective art students are encouraged to submit a portfolio; this is not required. Think of your portfolio as a creative platform for you to present your previous accomplishments and introduce yourself to the members of the Art faculty. Submitting is optional, not required, yet faculty enjoy this opportunity to connect with students. Your portfolio provides an opportunity to share your best creative work, so faculty can nurture and guide your talents and skills towards the best possible outcome.

If you choose to submit portfolio materials, you can upload them directly to your application.

If you rather submit materials via email, please follow submission requirements:

  1. All portfolio requirements should be submitted electronically via email to our Admissions Office with subject line ‘Art Portfolio’ followed by your first and last name.
    (ex. Art Portfolio, John Doe).
  2. Your portfolio should include 8 to 15 images that display your skills and your ability to express yourself visually. Images should be in .jpg format and labeled by first initial.last name and in numbered order.
    (ex. J.Doe1, J.Doe2, J.Doe3, etc.).
  3. Please accompany your .jpg images with a Word document (.doc) that includes a brief statement about your interest in the visual arts followed by descriptive information for each .jpg image submitted. Information for each image should include: title, date, material/medium and size/dimensions. Information should be clearly listed by first initial.last name and number to be matched with your .jpeg images.
    (ex. J.Doe1: title, date, material & size, J.Doe2: title, date, material & size, J.Doe3: title, date, material & size, etc.).
  4. Your portfolio requirements should be submitted (per instructions #1-3) at the time or soon after you submit your admissions application materials. As soon as your admissions application and all supporting materials have been received and reviewed by the Admissions Office, your portfolio images and description document will be forwarded to the Art Department faculty for review if submitted. Art Department faculty may choose to contact you at that time. The Admissions Office will notify you via email of a decision regarding your admission to Castleton.