Castleton Honors Program

Congratulations! You are an Honors Designee and will automatically participate in the Castleton Honors Program. This program is open to qualified, new, full-time, first-year, matriculating students who enroll during the fall semester. The Honors Program provides you with the following benefits:

1. Honors students complete 12 credits of Honors courses. Honors courses at Castleton provide a robust, engaging, and enriching experience because:

• Honors classes have a maximum enrollment of just 20 students.
• Honors courses are intellectually stimulating in order to satisfy uncommonly curious students.
• Honors courses delve into topics with more depth, greater breadth, and at a faster pace, than most courses.
• Honors courses are filled with Honors students!

2. The option to live with your peers in Honors housing every year. Honors housing is staffed by two Community Advisors (who are themselves Honors students) and features special programming geared to Honors students (barbecues, special advising sessions, field trips to graduate schools, etc.). 

 3. Priority registration for classes every semester of your first year.

4. Eligibility to serve on the student-run Honors Council, which meets periodically to develop programming that meets the needs of Honors students.

Honors Program faculty are excited to work alongside Honors students! Should you have any questions or want to chat about this exciting opportunity, please reach out to Associate Academic Dean, Peter Kimmel.