Castleton University STEAM Academy

Do you have a passion for mathematics and science?

The Castleton University STEAM Academy will enroll students beginning in the fall of 2019. This competitive program is for high school students who are passionate about studying mathematics and science in preparation for pursuing a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, or Math) degree. The Academy will provide many opportunities for students to explore their academic interests and participate in activities in a university setting that will stimulate dialogue and further develop their critical thinking skills.


Qualified students enroll in the academy their senior year of high school, and have the option to live on the university campus. Vermont high school seniors attend tuition-free through the early college program and out of state seniors benefit from a reduced tuition rate. Additional financial aid is available to help with the cost of living on campus. Students who excel in the program will benefit from a seamless transition to a Castleton degree program. The academy also provides courses for high school students who wish to consider the academy as part of their personalized learning plan. These courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate and are eligible for dual enrollment vouchers.


At any time, we encourage your Campus Visit to learn more about the Academy and admission. 

Students seeking admission to Castleton University’s STEAM Academy will need to meet general admission standards for early college and the following requirements:

  1. Successful completion of Pre-Calculus
  2. Three years of high school science
  3. Nomination by at least one high school science or math faculty member

Please contact admissions for further information about the application process. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2019, for fall enrollment.

How to Apply for Early College or Dual Enrollment


In addition to completing coursework required for high school graduation, students will select from the courses listed below.

Fall semester students will take:

SCI 1XXX—STEAM Academy Seminar


Choose at least two of the following (some have pre-requisites):

MAT 1531—Calculus I
MAT 2532—Calculus II
MAT 2036—Biostatistics
BIO 1121—Biology I
BIO 2011—Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 2125—Fundamentals of Microbiology
CHE 1051—Chemistry I
GEY 1030—Dynamic Earth
PHY 2110—Physics I

Spring semester choose at least two of the following (some have pre-requisites):

MAT 1531—Calculus I
MAT 2532—Calculus II
MAT 3533—Calculus III
MAT 2036—Biostatistics
BIO 1070—Biological Illustration
BIO 1122—Biology II
BIO 2012—Human Anatomy and Physiology II
CHE 1052—Chemistry II
GEY 1050—The Earth through Time (currently this is only offered in odd years)
PHY 1XXX—Renewable Energy
PHY 2210—Physics II