International Student Resources

Academic and Student Support

Castleton is often referred to as “the small University with a big heart” and this sentiment truly reflects the intimate atmosphere of our campus. With nearly 2,000 students, Castleton is small enough to be a community where individuals matter, yet large enough to offer a diverse and challenging curriculum with more than 30 academic programs. At Castleton there is an understanding of the need for both career preparation and a liberal arts education. At Castleton there is an extensive list of resources that students can take advantage of to improve their academic experience. A few examples include:

    • The International Student Support Team is here to help with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have. Please reach out to any member: Erica Machia, Bill Silengo, Adrienne Matunas
    • English tutoring for speakers of other languages is provided free of charge by Adrienne Matunas, Coordinator of the Pathway Program for English Language Learners.
    • Renee Beaupre White in Career Services can help students figure out what careers they would like to explore as well as guide them through the job-hunting process and much more.
    • Calvin Coolidge Library is also a powerful resource for students. The library contains over 500,000 items and has access to many more through the interlibrary loan system. Additionally, the library also owns many more research data bases, several with full text articles. The dedicated and professional staff will help students find just what they are looking for.

On and Off Campus Resources

Everything that students need can be found right on campus. In various facilities on site students have access to food, entertainment, and much more. In the residence halls internet, laundry facilities, kitchens, and lounge areas are available 24 hours a day.

Any basic needs that cannot be met on campus can be found within walking distance. In the town of Castleton students can find a barber, diner, general store, and bank. There are also many religious services for students in the area.