Courses for the Summer English Language Program

The United States of America:  A Survey Course in American History, Culture and Values

Instructor: Philip Lamy, Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, Department of Sociology, Social Work & Criminal Justice, Castleton University, Castleton, Vermont. USA, 2017

This course provides a survey of American history, culture, and values. It explores the fields of sociology and cultural anthropology and how they may be used to explore the history and culture of the United States, and its current role in the globalizing world. In addition, it looks at American society (or social structure), culture (or “way of life”), American cultural values and social practices, and the American social system (or social institution) of government.  Also, the course examines the American social institutions of the family, religion, and education and note how rapidly they are changing. Finally, the course studies the American economic institution of capitalism and the social welfare system, American mass media and popular culture, and the meaning and role of science and technology in the United States. Throughout the course, the instructor integrates the experiences of the students, the course readings, and the various field trips and events into the class discussions.

English Language Learner Course

Instructor: Karen Klami, Faculty, Theater Arts Department & Education Liaison, Castleton University, Castleton, VT, USA, 2017

This English Language Learner course is a companion to the U.S. Survey Course and to the off-campus field trips and activities. It explores American culture with an emphasis on language skills. Topics include local map reading, travel customs, restaurant etiquette, and information about the family, finances, the school system, popular arts and entertainment venues in theatre, dance, and music, sports, social events, such as weddings, birthdays and dating. Students practice their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in the classroom and out in the field interacting with Americans both on and off-campus at scheduled events. Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and explore what they are learning while enjoying a nonjudgmental, comfortable environment. A companion textbook with audio is included.  


Karen KlamiKaren Klami

M.A., Education, Curriculum Development, Specialization in ELL, Castleton University, VT
M.A., Theatre, Hunter College, City University of New York, NY
B.A., Theatre, Hunter College, City University of New York, NY
CELTA/QCF Certification, Cambridge University, UK

Karen Klami has been a member of the Faculty at Castleton University since 2004, teaching in the Theater Arts Department and working with students in the Education Department who are becoming teachers. In addition to teaching, Professor Klami is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter and has written several original stage plays that have been produced in New York City and Vermont. She has seven books in print as Kindle/e-books, which include full-length plays, screenplays, a collection of short plays and a book of poetry. Her original short film script was produced at New York University in their Graduate Film School in New York City. She has worked privately teaching playwriting and screenwriting and has created private schools for teaching original musical theatre to adults and children. Professor Klami has designed a website for ESL resources for students and teachers, Her fiction writing has been published in several journals in the United States.

Phil LamyPhilip Lamy

Ph.D., M.A., Northeastern University
B.A. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Alumnus, Berklee College of Music

An award-winning teacher, writer, and filmmaker, Philip Lamy is a Professor of Sociology and Anthropology. Dr. Lamy’s teaching and research interests are in community studies, social movements, globalization, and ethnomusicology. His articles and commentary have appeared in the professional and popular media, including The Boston Globe, The London Times, Time Magazine, National Public Radio and the BBC. A professional musician and music educator, Dr. Lamy is an Applied Percussion Instructor for Castleton’s Music Program. Also active in Castleton’s Study Abroad Programs, Dr. Lamy has organized and led trips to Cuba and London.