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Please follow these steps:

☐ Review your calendar.

You will need to select a date to attend registration.

Tentative Schedule for June & July
Tentative Schedule for August

  • All students are invited to attend June 14-15 or July 12-13. Registration on August 21 is available if you are unable to attend in June or July.
  • All international students are encouraged to attend August 21, as this will pair with international student orientation. 

☐ Sign Up for a Registration Session Now!

Please note: You are signing up as the student who is attending Castleton. If family members will be attending with you, you will need to share the Family Program Information and family registration link with them. (You will receive this link again when you sign up.)

Select a session to sign up for Registration:

June 14-15, 2019 Registration Session
July 12-13, 2019 Registration Session
August 21, 2019 Registration Session

☐ After you have completed sign-up, please review & complete the Important Steps for Enrollment.