Frequently Asked Questions About Registration

First-Year Student Registration

Why is registration required?

This weekend is a valuable and important introduction to your academic career at Castleton. During Registration, some students might be scheduled to do a math and/or writing assessment. This is not a test; it is simply to determine the best fit introductory English and/or math course. You will also meet a faculty advisor, register for classes, enroll in a First-Year seminar (FYS) and meet many new Castleton students. The Student Orientation Staff (SOS) and many others will be here to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. Our goal is that when you return for classes, Castleton will feel like home.

What should I bring to Registration?

For June and July registration, you will want to wear comfortable clothing/shoes and dress for the weather. Bring items you need for your overnight stay, such as toiletries. Rooms are provided for students without linens, so you will want to bring a sleeping bag (or a blanket & sheets) and a towel. You will also want to bring something to take notes with - either a paper and pencil or tablet - whichever you are more comfortable with. 

For August and January registration, you will want to wear comfortable clothing/shoes and dress for the weather. You will also want to bring something to take notes with - either a paper and pencil or tablet; whichever you are more comfortable with. 

Who will I meet at Registration?

There will be many members of our campus community to greet you when you come for Registration! The first people you will meet the Student Orientation Staff (SOS), who are current students that will serve as your group facilitator during Registration. You will also meet your First-Year academic advisor, many campus staff members, and your future classmates!

Will my family be with me during Registration?

During Registration, families and students follow different, but overlapping, schedules. This allows you plenty of time to check-in with your family, while still allowing you the freedom to start meeting new friends and making decisions as a first-year college student.

What if I live close to campus? Do I need to stay over for Registration?

We encourage you to stay on campus on Friday night (for June and July registration). If you choose not to, please plan on being here until 8 pm Friday night. You will need to be back on campus at 8 am the following morning.

The August & January registrations are not two-day events, but you may be able to move into your residence hall that day if arrangements are made with Residence Life before your arrival. 

Where should my family stay during registration?

Your family is welcome to stay on campus for June or July registration! View the Family Program & Fees for more information.

If they prefer to stay off-campus, they can refer to a list of local accommodations

Family accommodations are not available on campus in August and January. Please review the list above.

What if I need academic support?

In order to request academic accommodations, students who have a documented disability should supply the Academic Support Center with appropriate documentation. Documentation should be recent and comprehensive. If you have a disability and need further information on what constitutes comprehensive documentation, or if you would like to make an appointment to discuss accommodations, please contact Gerry Volpe in the Academic Support Center via phone (802) 468-1428, fax (802) 468-1205, or email. Information regarding disabilities may also be found on their website

Will I need to take placement exams/tests?

During Registration, some students might be scheduled to do an assessment for writing to determine the appropriate introductory English course. This is not a test; it is simply to determine the best fit English course. If you need testing accommodations, please contact the Coordinator of Disability Services via phone (802) 468-1428 or email. Some international students may need English language assessment during orientation.

When will I get my Castleton ID?

When you are at Registration, your photo will be taken for your ID card. Your ID card will serve as your key to get into your residence hall, your meal plan, and your overall campus identification. You will receive the card during orientation in August.

Will I be able to have my vehicle on campus?

Yes! All students are able to have a vehicle on campus regardless of their year at the University. 

All students must register their vehicle with Public Safety each year.

You will need to also abide by the parking policies outlined by Public Safety. 

When will I get my Castleton email address?

Your email access will be granted shortly after your register for your classes. Your email address is your portal user id (initials plus your two digit birth month and two digit birth day and a 0) (Ex.

When will I receive my housing assignment?

Residence Life will notify you via email after a room assignment has been made. Please contact Michael Robilotto, Director of Residence Life, at (802) 468-1259 or by email if you have any questions.