Study Abroad Aid

Paying for Your Study Abroad Semester

Once you have decided on your program and know the costs, make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to review your options to pay for your program. We recommend you start this process at least 2 semesters but no less than 1 semester before the semester of your study abroad program.

Students can use their Federal and Institutional Financial Aid toward the cost of fall and/or spring study abroad expenses. While most times costs to study abroad exceed Castleton’s semester costs, students and/or parents are able to apply for additional Federal Parent Plus or Private Education loans to help meet their additional study abroad costs. Federal and state regulations permit the use of federal and state funds for program related costs in which Castleton awards college level credit.  If you plan to use Federal Financial Aid, you must have a valid FAFSA on file. A valid FAFSA is one with which we can disburse funds, if selected for verification, all documents have been submitted and verification is complete.

Students often attend a study abroad during the summer, after the spring term of the academic year. In this case the student will have to apply for summer financial aid and they will have to have a complete, verified FAFSA on file for both the current academic year and the upcoming academic year.

Be prepared for your appointment with Financial Aid

You must provide the Financial Aid Office with a list of the costs of your study abroad program. This includes a printout of the direct cost: tuition, fees, supplies, room and board (if applicable) and any additional expenses such as meals not included in the program costs, airfare, ground transportation, etc. We will use the costs you submit to establish the cost of attendance for your semester away. Once established, your cost of attendance determines your financial aid eligibility for the semester.

Disbursement of Aid

The Financial Aid Office cannot disburse your financial aid until 10 days prior to the start of Castleton’s academic term. The start of your study abroad term can be either before or after Castleton’s start term. You may be required to pay some costs (plane tickets, program/housing deposits or other costs) prior to the date that our financial aid will be posted to your account. In most cases Castleton will send your financial aid directly to the program institution for payment towards your bill or a portion of your bill. Otherwise, you will be responsible for paying the costs out-of-pocket and can use your financial aid to reimburse yourself or your parent for these costs.

Most study abroad agencies will provide you with a form, sometimes called a Verification of Award form, for Castleton’s Financial Aid Office to complete and send to them. This form tells the agency of the financial aid that you have available toward the program, and the date that we will send it directly to them at the start of your program.