Student Success Checklist

Critical steps to get your finances and financial aid in order.

✔ Activate and monitor your Castleton email account.

The University’s official means of communication is your Castleton assigned email address. Critical information about financial aid, billing, and your student account will be sent only by email.

✔ Learn about and apply for financial aid.

Castleton administers many federal and institutional financial aid programs including loans, scholarships, grants, and more. Visit our financial aid page to learn more about available aid and how to apply.

✔ Financial Aid Applicants: Check your application status and submit outstanding requirements.

Monitor your financial aid application by visiting Portal/Web Services and viewing the document status page. Submit any requested information promptly.

✔ Review how billing works at Castleton and how to respond to your bill.

Go to Financial and Registration Services Student Accounting Billing & Payment Information, for details on how billing works at Castleton, where to get your bill, and how to respond.

✔ Set up your authorized users.

If someone is helping you with the financial aspects of your education, grant them access to view, print, and pay your student bill as an authorized user. Critical billing and payment information, including the electronic billing statement notification is sent only to students and authorized users. Set up your Authorized Users from the Portal/Web Services.

✔ Student Privacy Release Form (FERPA).

Student academic and financial information is protected by federal regulations, therefore, the university cannot release information to anyone without the student’s express permission. There are two forms of release that students can grant to parents, guardians or others: the FERPA release allows college staff to speak to others by phone or email.

✔ View Billing due dates.

Please review information regarding due dates to avoid potential late payment fees and holds on student records. Go to Financial & Registration Services: Student Accounting Billing & Payment Information, Billing FAQ or the Castleton Academic Calendar for this information.

✔ Pay your bill.

Learn more about payment options Castleton accepts for student bills. Go to Financial & Registration Services: Student Account Billing & Payment Information, Payment Options.

✔ Make your annual health insurance decision.

All students must go online each year and make an insurance decision (purchasing Castleton health insurance or providing evidence of existing coverage). After registering for courses, go to the Portal/Web Services to accept or decline student health insurance.

✔ Send any outside scholarship checks and award letters to Castleton.

Did you receive an outside scholarship from your high school or a local organization? Please send in your award letter so that we can process your scholarship and consider it as part of your financial aid award. Please sign any checks made payable directly to you and endorse over to Castleton by writing "Pay to the order of Castleton University" under your signature. Send checks to Financial and Registration Services.

✔ Financial Aid applicants: Complete/sign promissory notes.

For Federal Direct, Parent PLUS and Graduate PLUS loans, visit to complete your Master Promissory Note(s). For more information about Direct Loans, visit the Federal Student Aid Loan page.

✔ Financial Aid applicants: Complete loan entrance counseling.

Online loan entrance counseling is required the first time student borrows of Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized loans. Complete Direct Loan entrance counseling at

✔ Financial Aid applicants: Set up direct deposit.

If you are expecting a refund (from financial aid or other payments) for your living, books and/or miscellaneous expenses, set up a Direct Deposit account. This way, you can have your refund deposited directly into your bank account. If a Parent PLUS Loan is the cause of the refund, a check will be made payable to the parent borrower and mailed to his/her address, unless the parent has requested otherwise.