2018-2019 Verification

Verification is the process of comparing information reported on the FAFSA to specified documents. Regulations for 2018-2019 include a provision that the US Department of Education will announce for each award year, the FAFSA information that an institution and an applicant may be required to verify for an applicant selected for verification, and the acceptable documentation for the information.

Please only submit the documents listed for you on your web services "Financial Aid Document Status" list. Instructions for viewing the verification documents you are required to submit can be found below.

2018-2019 Information That May Need To Be Verified

Verifiable Data Element: Number in Household/# in College

Acceptable Documentation: Dependent Household Size Form, Independent Household Size Form


Verifiable Data Element: AGI and Taxes paid

Acceptable Documentation: Parent and/or Student Data Retrieval, Signed Tax Return, or IRS Tax Return Transcript


Verifiable Data Element: Certain Untaxed Income

Acceptable Documentation: Verified by tax data


Verifiable Data Element: IRS Non-Filer for Parent and/or Independent Student

Acceptable Documentation: Parent Non-Filer form, Independent Student Non-Filer Form, and any Parent and/or Student 2016 W2s.


Verifiable Data Element: IRS Non-Filer for Dependent Student

Acceptable Documentation: Dependent Student Non-Filer form, and any Student 2016 W2s.


Verifiable Data Element:  Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose

Acceptable Documentation: Identity/Statement of Educational Purpose Instructions


Verifiable Data Element: High School Completion Status

Acceptable Documentation: Final HS Transcript or copy of Diploma.


If you are selected for verification your offer for financial aid is estimated, pending completion of the verification process.

If your FAFSA is selected for verification please sign onto the Portal/Web Services using the following to view a list of the documents we need to complete your verification:

  1. Visit the Castleton Portal
  2. Sign in using your username and password
  3. Select Student Financial Aid from the Web Services Menu
  4. Under the Financial Aid heading ‘Financial Aid’, select ‘Financial Aid Document Status’, the Financial Aid Office is CU – Castleton University, for 2018-2019, the award year is 2018-2018/2019 Academic Year.
  5. Documents that do not have a status of 'Complete', 'Not Needed', or 'Waived' need to be submitted. Please submit documents in a timely manner.

Upon receipt of the required documents, we will compare the information from the verification documents to the information reported on the FAFSA. We will submit corrections to the Federal Processor for each verifiable data element that differ. This may cause your Federal Aid eligibility to change from your original award.

Remember: Federal Aid does not disburse to student accounts until the Verification Process is complete. It is in your best interest to sign onto the Portal/Web Services at least weekly to check your status.