Eligibility for Repeated Coursework

Changes in federal regulations impact how financial aid can be used for courses taken more than once. 
Students may receive federal financial aid funding:

  • To repeat a course that has already been passed (D- or higher) only one additional time. Any repeated attempts after that will not be eligible for financial aid. Note that this applies even if you earn a failing grade (F) or withdraw (W) during the second attempt.
  • As many times as necessary to repeat a course in which the only previous grade earned has been a failing grade (F).
  • If you are enrolled in 15 credit hours which includes three credits repeating a previously passed course. Because you are enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours which are not repeats, the student's financial aid eligibility is not impacted by the repeat.

All courses previously taken, even if financial aid was not used, are compared against the current semester to determine if it is a repeated class and whether it can be paid using financial aid. Your financial aid may be recalculated if you take a class that is not eligible for financial aid. This policy does not provide exception if the repeat courses are taken to meet plan of study grade requirements, i.e. a grade of C or higher must be earned to count towards your major.