Vermont Academy of Fine and Performing Arts

The Vermont Academy of Fine and Performing Arts at Castleton University will enroll students beginning fall of 2019. This competitive and innovative program is the first of its kind in Vermont. The Academy is for high school students who demonstrate a passion for studying art, creative writing, music or theater. An art course, whether visual, performing or written, requires students to be active participants; they engage with peers, problem solve as a group, demonstrate creativity, and take risks. These are desirable skills employers are seeking in college graduates.


Qualified students enroll in the academy their senior year of high school, and have the option to live on the university campus. Vermont high school seniors attend tuition-free through the early college program and out of state seniors benefit from a reduced tuition rate. Additional financial aid is available to help with the cost of living on campus. The academy also provides summer course and camp experiences for middle and high school students who wish to consider the academy as part of their personalized learning plan. These courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate and are eligible for dual enrollment vouchers.


At any time, we encourage your Campus Visit to learn more about the Academy and admission. 

The Vermont Academy of Fine and Performing Arts is designed with the most talented artists in mind. Beyond academic admission requirements, students exhibit their talents through audition or portfolio as described for each area below:

Art - Portfolio of 10-15 images with an artist's statement
Creative Writing - A 10-15 page sample of your writing
Music - (Instrumental and Vocal) Perform two pieces that contrast in tempo and style totaling 6-8 minutes*
Theater (Acting) - Perform two monologues of contrasting styles no longer than one minute each. (Technical) – Portfolio of 10-15 images such as costumes and set designs

*An accompanist will be available as needed.

Please contact admissions for further information about the application and audition process. The deadline to apply is June 1, 2019, for fall enrollment.

How to Apply for Early College or Dual Enrollment


Academy schedules balance students’ artistic interests, academic needs, and future aspirations. Students will fulfill senior year graduation requirements through coursework coordinated with their high school. Students will also maximize their opportunities in the arts by choosing from an abundance of coursework in their desired discipline, and options to experience other disciplines through the university’s rich offerings in the liberal arts and sciences. Academy students will enroll in a creativity course in the fall semester.

Creativity Course Description:

We will examine the creative act and how it can be nurtured. By using examples of Art, Music, Literature, and Theater, the act of creativity will be discussed, observed and acted upon in a cross-disciplinary manner. These four specific essential mediums will be utilized as a cohesive gateway into the study of creativity and the importance it has on a functioning society through historical, societal, economic means. Hands-on workshops, in each medium, will let the student explore different ways to communicate artistically. The studio portion of this class will include projects that will be both solo and collaborative, culminating in an exhibition, performance, reading, or recital at the end of the year. There will also be a component of fieldwork including gallery visits, hikes, musical and theatrical performances, open-ended adventures, and trips to major creative hubs.