Athletic Bands FAQs

Athletic Bands

Is there an audition process to joining Athletic Bands?

No, marching in the Spartan Athletic Bands is a non-audition class. All the skills necessary to be successful in the Spartan Bands are developed throughout the marching season. We work closely with our members to create a show that showcases their talents every season.

Can I succeed in academics while participating in Athletic Bands?

Absolutely. We have members from almost every major on campus. Many of our students are also enrolled in the honors student program at Castleton. Being a member of Spartan Bands help to develop time management skills. Additionally, the Spartan Bands is a great resource for making connections with other students that share your major.

I've never marched before, can I join Castleton's Athletic Bands?

The Spartan Band membership comes from a diverse background with varying levels of experience. In fact, up to 40% of the ensemble has little to no experience in marching band before joining. Our instructional staff are experts in teaching all levels of marching band in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

We encourage all wind musicians to bring their own instrument. However we do have spare instruments for all sections and will work to make sure you have a quality instrument to perform on. All percussionists and color guard member’s equipment is provided through the school.

What is the commitment for being in the Spartan Bands?

From year to year the commitment varies. We generally have 5 home games we perform at in the fall (not including any postseason games) and members are expected to be at all performances. Rehearsal is Wednesdays and Fridays from 4 - 7 pm. Students encouraged to make all rehearsals but accommodations can be made especially around other school related classes or events.

Do the Athletic Bands move into campus early?

Yes! We generally move in about a week before the first day of classes. This year our move-in starts on August 18 and goes to August 24.

Where do I live during band camp?

You will be able to move into your dorm on the first day of camp. Housing is not provided to commuters unless special request is made.

Are members required to purchase their own uniform?

All uniform parts (excluding shoes) are provided to members free of cost. Shoes are generally a $30 purchase and will last all four years you are performing with Castleton.

Are there scholarships that are associated with Castleton's Athletic Bands?

Yes, there are varying levels of scholarships that are awarded to students participating in Athletic Bands. These students are assessed on an individual basis and are awarded to students that show a high dedication to marching arts that are currently attending Castleton.