Castleton 2019 Band Camp

August 15, 2018 - August 22, 2019

The 2019 band camp will be held from August 15-22, 2019. Castleton’s band camp is a great way to get to know new friends, have fun performing, and learn our 2019 show. We encourage all students to make every effort to be at band camp but understand that there may be some conflicts in advance. Please make sure to reach out to the Athletic Band Director in advance to discuss any conflicts


Please fill out the 2019 Registration Form before attending band camp.

All members of Athletic Bands must register for the course before band camp. Register for MUS 1520 CO1 (1 credit) or MUS 1520 CO2 (0 credits) to enroll in band camp. If you have a class conflict please contact the director! We can work around most class conflicts!

Schedule & Location

Band camp will begin August 15. Registration will begin at 3 pm and go until 6 pm. We will be posting a detailed schedule of events in the coming weeks.

The first location to meet is:

Fine Arts Center
Castleton, VT 05735

What to Bring

All students will be moving into their fall housing and should bring anything they need for the fall semester. For Band Camp, students should bring the following:

  • A day bag to store things in
  • Athletic clothing (no jeans)
  • Athletic sneakers (no open-toed shoes or boots allowed)
  • Sunscreen
  • A three-ring binder with clear plastic page protectors for drill & music
  • A one-gallon water jug
  • A hat or bandana

Our Athletic Band program incorporates dance, movement, running, and singing into our shows. Please plan to be outside in one of the warmer months. Prepare to be outside for long periods of time.

Food & Housing

All students that are registered for campus-sponsored housing will be able to move into their fall dorm on August 17. Move in time is from 3 pm to 6 pm. Parents are welcome and encouraged to spend time with their student as they move in. We will be there to help you move into your dorm! If you are living off campus please have arrangements to move into your housing on or before August 17.

The band will be supplying free food for everyone in the program through our dining hall. Each member will have access to three meals a day and other snacks. We can accommodate special dietary requests but need them in advance. Please contact Stephen Klepner as soon as possible so we can arrange any special requests you may have.

Equipment & Instrument Rental

All members equipment and instruments will be provided. We encourage musicians to use school-owned instruments throughout the season but you may use your own if needed. Drums, sticks, and other percussion items are provided. All flags, sabers, and rifles are provided for the guard. Guard can bring a pair of old practice gloves if you have them.

All members will be fitted in a new uniform for 2019. This uniform includes top, pants, drop sash and gloves at no cost to the members. The only expense members will have is to purchase shoes. If you have an old pair of black non-glossy marching shoes you may bring it. We will do a bulk order for shoes (guard and band proper) during band camp.


The band will be offering Under Armor branded Athletic Band apparel for purchase prior to band camp. These items are open to anyone in your family and are optional. The order form will be available here shortly. We will be doing another round of ordering during band camp as well.

Questions & Contact

We are here to help! If you have any questions at all please contact the Director of Athletic Bands via email. Stephen will reply in a timely manner to your question.