Student Government Association

Make Your Voice Heard!

Our meetings are open to the campus, so feel free to come sit in on a meeting! If you have something you would like to bring up at a meeting please contact Student Government Association President, James Wolfe! SGA meetings are held Tuesday evenings at 5:00pm in the SGA office in the Campus Center.

Mission Statement:

As the Student Government Association of Castleton University, we value being dedicated and knowledgeable representatives that serve the student body and surrounding community at large. We pride ourselves in providing channels to all students--resident or commuter, traditional or non-traditional, of full- or part-time status--for overall development in both academic and co-curricular endeavors. We aim to serve our students through our three branches, which are: Congress, the Campus Activities Board, and Student Court. Through collaboration among these three branches we serve as the voice of the students.

Vision Statement:

As SGA, we are passionate about civic engagement and student involvement in and out of the classroom. Additionally, we strongly aim to help students develop skills that will be beneficial to them both now, and after graduation. We strive to enlighten students about who we are, what we do, and why we do it.