Academic Resources for International Students

Campus Conversation Partners StudyingInternational students may avail themselves of all academic resources at Castleton. In addition, the University has developed other resources that are specific to the potential academic needs of international students, in particular English Language Learners. 

In addition to the three-day international student orientation in August, first-year international students enroll in the iSeminar, which is a one-credit course that meets once per week in the fall semester. This course allows international students to continue their learning about the culture of American higher education, as well as the cycle of the academic calendar at Castleton. Topics include: the general education program, degree completion requirements, and other academic policies of the institution. The course celebrates the diversity of the class through food and seminar topics related to students’ home countries and cultures. This social aspect of the course promotes friendships and strengthens bonds among students that may have begun during the international student orientation program. Two upper class students are proctors for this course, and frequently serve as mentors both in and outside the classroom.