Financial & Registration Services for International Students

Health Insurance

Health insurance is required of all international students enrolled at Castleton. You must purchase Castleton’s insurance plan through a private insurance company called Consolidated Health Plans (CHP). You will be automatically enrolled in CHP and your university account will be charged the annual premium. However, if you have health insurance from your home country that will cover illness and accidents while living in the U.S., you may be eligible for a waiver from Castleton’s insurance plan. You must provide the International Student Office with a copy of your insurance card and information about your policy to qualify for this waiver.

Remember you must take action! And you must take action by February 15, 2018. You have two choices: 

  1. enroll in Castleton’s health insurance plan, CHP, OR
  2. decline enrollment in the plan if you receive a waiver from the International Student Office.

How to enroll in CHP or decline it: 

  1. Log into the Castleton portal.
  2. On the Web Services menu in the box on the right side of the page, select on “Student Billing/Financials”
  3. In the dropdown box that opens, select “Student Health Insurance”.
  4. Complete the form, leaving nothing blank, and then choose “Submit”.

For information on coverage and benefits, CHP can be reached at 1-800-633-7867, or at their website.

FERPA Authorization

By U.S. federal law, university employees cannot discuss a student’s finances with anyone, including parents, without the student’s express permission to do so. If you wish to allow a family member, guardian, or sponsor to discuss your account with the staff in the Financial & Registration Services Student, you must complete the FERPA Authorization form

How to complete the FERPA Authorization Form:

  1. Log into the Castleton portal.
  2. On the Web Services menu in the box on the right side of the page, select “Student Academic Profile”
  3. In the dropdown box that opens, select “FERPA Authorization Form”.
  4. Complete the form, leaving nothing blank, and then choose “Submit”.

Financial Services Authorization

You must add the people that you wish to allow Castleton University staff to speak to, then create an Access Code. This is a word or phrase that the people on the list must give verbally over the phone each time they call Financial & Registration Services. Please make it simple and easy to remember, like a pet name, a favorite movie, or a sports team. Give the code to each person on the list. This is for the purposes of viewing and paying your bills only. This will not allow users to view your academic records, such as grades. 

How to authorize users:

  1. Go to the VSC Bill Payment for Students and Authorized Users page.
  2. Login using your portal user name and password in the box labeled “Students and Staff.”
  3. At the top of the welcome page, under My Account, select the “Authorized Users” tab.
  4. Under “Add Authorized User” fill in the email address of the person you would like to view your billing information, answer the access questions and select “Continue.”
  5. Read the terms and conditions agreement, then select the “I Agree” checkbox and then “Continue.”

A confirmation page will come up telling you that an email has been sent to the address that you provided. Your authorized user will receive an email at that address with login instructions and a temporary password. Authorized users will also receive emails when bills are updated.

Please note: If the authorized user should lose or forget their password, the student must log into “Authorized Users” again and delete that user by clicking the “delete” button by the user’s email address, then re-enter the information as though adding a new authorized user. The authorized user will then receive new login information.

For help with any of these forms, please contact Betty Moyer in Financial & Registration Services in Woodruff Hall or call her at (802) 468-1397.