Find a Roommate

The Office of Residence Life would like to give our students the opportunity to connect with other students through the RoomeeZ program. Students will have the chance to connect with their incoming class, choose their own roommate, and will create a positive start to their residential experience.

The first step to communicating with other new and transfer students is to login to the E-Rezlife system, complete their housing profile, and complete their housing contract for the 2020-2021 Academic Year.

Once that is completed, the student will have to opt in to the RoomeeZ program, and create their roommate profile.  This will allow them to search for a roommate and for other students to search for them.


To begin, log in to

Click on the RoomeeZ button on your dashboard on the left-hand side of screen.

Create Your Profile

Check the box that says; “Turn on my profile”.

Load picture of yourself – Optional

Choose a name that other applicants will see. (This is a required field. You can create a name or use your own name if being anonymous is not important to you.)

Describe yourself in the box provided.

Viewable housing application fields

Applicants can specify which of the available profile fields for searching they are comfortable sharing with potential roommates. 'All applicants' means it will be available for anyone who is searching for potential roommates. 'My contacts' is if it should only be viewable to other applicants once an applicant accepts a contact request from another applicant. Applicants may also decide to make certain profile fields 'Private' and not shared with anyone.

How would you like other students to communicate with you?

Once an applicant has completed their Roommate profile and has turned it on, they will be able to access the Roommate search and Contacts menus.

Roommate search results will return a list of matches based on the filters specified. For each result the applicant can easily add another applicant to a roommate group, send a contact request, or block them.

Once the applicant sends a contact request, the other applicant will receive an email to log back in to approve the contact request. All contacts (current contacts, pending contact requests, and blocked contacts) are easily viewable from the Contacts menu. If you approved more than one roommate group, be sure you click the box next to your first choice.