Living on Campus

Students in residence hall

Full-time, matriculated registered students are eligible for on-campus housing.  It is a condition of enrollment at Castleton University that all traditional-age students in their first two years of full-time enrollment must live in a University residence hall unless they commute from their parent’s or guardian’s home. All on-campus residents must be on a residential meal plan. 

All students who will be living on campus must: 

  1. Sign a Housing Contract for the full academic year
  2. Choose a Meal Plan

On-campus housing is available for 1,100-plus students. The majority of the rooms are double occupancy; designated triples are spread out over campus. The majority of our residents will live with one roommate. New students will be assigned to all halls. Returning students currently residing on campus, who paid housing deposits on time, are eligible to choose a room during the room selection process. All other students will be housed on a space availability basis.

Room Assignments

New students are assigned to rooms prior to the start of the semester in which they enter. Students may request a roommate, but in order to be assigned with the person they request, the other student must request them as well (before the July 1 deadline). If they do not, they will be assigned a roommate by the Residence Life Office. Students will receive their room assignments and roommate contact information prior to move-in to encourage communication before classes start.

Vehicles on Campus

All students are allowed to have cars on campus but are required to register them with the Department of Public Safety annually.

If you have any questions contact the Office of Residence Life at (802) 468-1259.

Residence Hall Staff

acs-and-mike-2016Each residence hall floor has at least one Community Advisor (CA), a current student who is a resource for residents. Each residence hall has a designated Area Coordinator (AC), a full-time live-in professional administrator who supervises the CAs and oversees general operations. ACs and CAs strive to build positive, stable communities which foster opportunities for student growth, self-responsibility and group interaction. Residents are encouraged to participate in a variety of social, recreational, cultural and educational activities sponsored by the Residence Life staff.


Bedrooms are equipped with the following:

  • bed/mattress (extra long twin size)
  • desk/chair
  • wardrobe/closet
  • curtains/shades

Suites are equipped with typical lounge furniture. Most rooms have linoleum tile for the floor coverings. Students enjoy bringing their own carpet to decorate and add their personal style to the room. 

Appliances in Residence Halls

Halogen lamps, candles/incense, and cooking appliances (other than coffee makers with automatic shut off or UL approved popcorn poppers) are not allowed. One refrigerator less than 4.4 cubic feet is allowed in each room. One microwave is allowed in each suite but not within individual rooms. A microwave is supplied on each floor in corridor-style halls. 

Television Access

In addition to viewing access in the Campus Center and Dining Hall, each residence hall lounge provides at least one public area to view TV. Due to the popularity of online TV and video content, and the recent upgrades to our internet service to support these options, cable TV service is not available in the residence halls rooms. If you do bring a TV to campus, here are things you should know:

TVs that can connect to your computer may be used to create a larger display for viewing online TV and video content. The store where you buy your TV can tell you if this is possible; and if so, what cable is required for your specific TV and computer. In addition to connecting a television directly to your computer, there are other devices available that are becoming more popular and easy to use that allow web-streaming.

Internet Access

Every residence hall room is equipped with a data port for each resident, providing access to the Internet. All residence halls have wireless internet capabilities when the proper hardware is used. Students must have appropriate software and hardware, including a network card.

See the Information Technology page for more resources.

Telephone Access

All students can access a public phone in their residence hall. All lines can activate the local 9-1-1 emergency system. Landlines are not provided in individual rooms.

Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are available in each residence hall. These front loading washers and dryers are maintained by Mac Gray, a national company servicing many colleges. Laundry can be paid for either by quarters or with an app* called "MicroPayments GS." To use the app, download it, set up an account, load your account with a debit or credit card, and access the washers or dryers from the app on your smart phone. 

Apple Store        Google Play Store

*App currently only available in on-campus residence halls. Not yet available in Rutland apartments.