Housing Contract (2018-2019)

Academic Year 2018 - 2019

Full-time, matriculated registered students are eligible for on-campus housing. It is a condition of enrollment at Castleton University that all full-time students must live in a University residence hall for the first two years of enrollment unless they commute from their parent’s or guardian's home. All residents must be on a residential meal plan. Returning students currently residing on campus, who paid housing deposits on time, are eligible to participate in the room selection process. All other students will be housed on a space available basis.

Please read The Statement of Terms and Conditions of Occupancy section located below before electronically signing and submitting this contract. Failure to submit this contract may result in forfeiture of housing.

I hereby agree to this offer to contract with Castleton University for housing and board accommodations for the academic year of 2018 - 2019. In consideration of the assignment to a residence hall room, I hereby agree to pay Castleton University for the period of this contract. Room and board rates are established by the Board of Trustees annually.

This Housing Contract is for the entire academic year.

Meal Plans

All residential students will be assigned and billed for an unlimited meal plan with $100 in declining balance points each semester. If you wish to change your meal plan, you must do so each semester by going online and logging into your student account. Changes to your meal plan each semester can be made through the first two weeks of classes at the beginning of each semester.

NOTE: Residents who may qualify for a housing accommodation should contact the Coordinator of Disability Services at (802) 468-1428 to review the formal process.

Statement of Terms and Conditions of Occupancy

Period of Occupancy and Fees

All housing contracts are legally binding for the academic year while classes are in session. Room and meal plan charges are effective from the opening of the residence halls at the start of each semester. The residence halls are available during breaks as long as a student has been approved to stay on campus through the online break housing application. Students may be assessed an additional charge for break housing if the break housing application is not completed on time. The residence halls are available during all breaks and other scheduled times as shown in the University’s Academic Calendar except for the mid-year break, which is December 22, 2018-January 22, 2019. Students will not have access to the University meal plan during any break. Students shall vacate the premised 24 hours after their last scheduled exam or upon official closing of the residence halls as specified in the University Academic Calendar. Students who are evicted must vacate within a time frame established by the Director of Residence Life and are responsible for room charges for the remainder of the semester in which they are evicted.

Each occupant is liable for the yearly room and board charges. Room and board charges are due and payable as billed and in accordance with standard University billing schedules. The Board of Trustees establishes rates annually. All students who reside in University housing will eat meals in designated University dining facilities under approved meal plans. Changes to meal plans may only occur through the first two weeks of classes each semester.


Students registered for a full-time course load are eligible for housing. Students who fail to occupy their assigned rooms by the first day of classes may forfeit their specific room assignment unless they send a request to the Director of Residence Life in writing to hold their rooms for late arrival. Late arrival does not reduce the obligation of a full academic year contract.

Room Changes

The University reserves the right to change or cancel specific room assignments in the interest of health, discipline, security, energy conservation or the general welfare of the students, and reserves the right to change or alter the living and/or recreational arrangement in the residence halls when deemed appropriate. The University reserves the right to consolidate the room assignments when deemed necessary. During the first two weeks of each semester there is a room freeze; any room changes will take place after the freeze, with the exception of extenuating circumstances. Occupants may be offered the opportunity to pay an additional charge to occupy the double room as a single if space is available. Students requesting room changes must obtain prior approval from the releasing Area Coordinator and the receiving Area Coordinator.

Room Entry

While the University recognizes a student’s right to privacy in their room and respect for personal effects, students should be aware that there are circumstances when authorized University representatives may, without specific consent, enter their rooms unannounced and/or check for conditions or articles of concern, even in closed spaces. Room entry may occur for purposes of housekeeping, repairs and maintenance; when there is reasonable basis for legitimate concern about the health, welfare, or safety of the room occupants or other persons; or when there is reasonable basis to believe that there may be a violation of University policies, rules or regulations. An inspection or search of closed spaces may occur when there is a reasonable basis, either existing beforehand or resulting from room entry, to justify the inspection or search because of legitimate concern about the health, welfare or safety of room occupants or other persons.

Examples of such reasonable basis may include but are not limited to; a maintenance problem that requires inspection of a closed space such as a cabinet or drawer or the discovery upon room entry of evidence of violation of the law or University policies, including policies on drugs, alcohol and weapons. Additionally, monthly suite inspections as well as break closing health and safety inspections will be conducted by a Residence Life Staff member. There are numerous other situations, which could constitute reasonable basis to justify an inspection or search as determined by the Director of Residence Life or Dean of Students or their designee.

Responsibility for University Property

Students will be held responsible for the condition of their rooms and or suites. Damage to or theft of furnishings will be charged to the occupants assigned to the affected rooms. Occupants of a room, suite, floor or building may be held jointly responsible for losses or damages where individual responsibility cannot be determined. Residents are expected to take every precaution to assure that common property is not abused. Lounge furniture is considered common property for all residents, and students may not remove it from common areas. Students found to have lounge furniture or other unauthorized University furniture or equipment in their rooms will be charged a furniture removal fee. The furniture will be removed and disciplinary action may be taken. Residents will also be held responsible for their guest and their conduct while on the campus.

Responsibility for Personal Property

The University shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any loss due to theft of personal property of students or their guests, or any damage or destruction of such property by fire, water, vandalism or other cause. Occupants of all residence halls are advised to procure personal insurance against such eventualities. For safety reasons, personal effects may not be placed in hallways, stairwells, or other common areas of the residence halls. Personal property left in the residence halls after the approved period of occupancy will be removed and disposed of.


Each student is required to abide by the rules of the University, including those stated in University publications, e.g., Undergraduate Catalog, University Handbook, and Calendar, etc. The University may take appropriate action, including termination of this contract, for conduct, which is found by the University to be in violation of University rules and regulations, or which is otherwise detrimental to the welfare of the residence hall environment. Students facing possible removal from the residence halls for violation will be provided a hearing.

Terms of Contract

a) The contract for University housing and dining is for one academic year or the remainder thereof unless otherwise specified in the individual contract. Students may request to be released from the room and board contract prior to July 1, 2018. The housing deposit of $100.00 which is non-refundable but will be applied to the student’s account if contract is cancelled by July 1, 2018.

b) Students may, with written permission of the Director of Residence Life, be released from this contract or any portion thereof for any of the following reasons: withdrawal from the University, academic dismissal from the University, completion of a degree program, marriage or leave of absence. Student requests for termination of the housing contract should be directed in writing to the Office of Residence Life. Students whose housing contract releases are approved will forfeit the $100 deposit. (Application for release does not imply automatic termination of the contract. Application will be reviewed and residents will be notified about their termination requests in 5 to 10 business days.)

c) Release from the housing contract may be granted for reasons other than those specified above only under extraordinary circumstances. The process of requesting release under this section is the same as specified above. RESIDENTS ARE ADVISED NOT TO SIGN CONTRACTS OR LEASES FOR NON-UNIVERSITY HOUSING UNTIL THE UNIVERSITY HAS FORMALLY NOTIFIED THEM OF THEIR RELEASE. 

d) Students released from their contracts for the fore-going reasons may receive a pro-rated refund of room and board charges in accordance with the refund policy stated in the Undergraduate Catalog. Students moving from the residence hall for personal reasons without University approval will be required to pay the full terms of the contract. Students removed from residences for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for refunds.

e) The University may terminate, alter or temporarily suspend performance of any part of this contract without advance notice in the event of; (1) calamity or catastrophe which would make continued operation of student housing not feasible; (2) ineligibility to continue enrollment resulting from failure to meet academic requirements; (3) disciplinary circumstances; (4) behavior which is detrimental to the welfare of the residence hall environment or the student.

f) The housing contract may not be transferred or assigned to another person. Space may not be sold, loaned or sublet.

Housing Contract