Academic Forms

Blank Weekly Schedule

This blank schedule can be used for students that are trying to plan their semester schedule or break out their academic and work schedules in a visible format.

Blank Schedule

Change of Academic Program (CAP)

To make a change to your academic program (add or delete a major, minor, certificate, etc.) submit this form to the Registrar's Office.


Change of Advisor

If you would like to change your advisor, complete this form and submit it to the Register Office.

Change of Advisor

Change of Name

If you need to change your name or your social security number, this form can be completed and submitted to Financial & Registration Services.

Change of Name Form

Degree Application

A year before your intended graduation date, this form must be filled out and submitted to Financial & Registration Services.

Degree Application

Independent Study/Practicum/Tutorial Form

This form must be filled out when a student is interested in registering for a tutorial (enrolling in a existing course on an individual basis), a practicum (field experience), or an independent study (student works individually with a faculty member on a subject/project).

Internship Application

This application needs to be filled out and submitted when embarking on an internship.

Internship Application

Matriculated Student Registration Form

Degree-seeking students will use this form to register for classes.

Matriculated Registration Form

Non-matriculated Student Registration Form

Students that are auditing courses or not degree-seeking will use this form to register for courses.

Non-matriculated Registration Form

Prior Approval of Course Transfer to Castleton

If you are looking to take a course elsewhere towards your Castleton degree, you need to fill out this form before enrolling in the course. Only courses completed at approved and regionally accredited institutions will be accepted for transfer. Grades for transfer courses do not transfer and do not become part of the Castleton GPA. Further instructions can be found on the form.

Prior Approval