Graduation Checklist

Have you done everything you need to do to graduate? Here is a quick checklist to help you:

  1. Check your Program Evaluation on your Castleton Portal under Web Services and under Student Academic Profile. Does it show the correct program? If not, submit a new CAP (Change of Academic Program) to the Financial & Registration Services Center immediately. Your Program Evaluation will show you exactly what courses/requirements you have met, and what you still have yet to complete.
  2. Submit your Application for Degree Form to the Financial & Registration Services Center on or before May 1 or December 1 (depending on when you plan to graduate) of the year before you intend to graduate, usually during your junior year. You will receive a print-out of your program evaluation approved by the Registrar's Office. Read it carefully to make sure your planned courses for your senior year will complete all of the requirements. You will not be listed on the official graduation list until you have registered for all of your remaining requirements. **
  3. During your last semester, check your tuition bill online often. Graduation fees are applied to student accounts (whether you plan to attend commencement or not) once the final graduation list is verified, so the charge may appear as late as mid-semester. Make sure your final semester balance is at zero before you leave. If you lived on campus, be aware that final dorm damage fines may be assessed well after students have left campus, so check your bill again a month or so after your leave to make sure nothing is outstanding.
  4. Make sure you return any library books, media, and/or athletic equipment.
  5. During your last semester, students who received Federal Direct and/or Perkins Loans will need to complete online loan exit counseling. Perkins Loan exit counseling is done through and Direct Loans counseling is done through
  6. Check your Castleton email frequently during the spring semester for notifications regarding commencement activities. Also, remind family members to make hotel arrangements if necessary. Lastly, you will want to check the Commencement Checklist if you have not done so already. 
  7. Six months after you graduate you will lose access to your Castleton Portal. If you would like to retain access to your student account, you must set yourself up as an Authorized User. Log into your Portal, click on Student Billing, then View Your Bill. Log in again as a student, click on the Authorized Users button under My Profile Setup, and follow the instructions. Going forward, you will log in as an Authorized User.

** In very limited circumstances, students may apply to participate in the commencement ceremony prior to completing all of their requirements. These students must formally apply in writing and meet all the criteria outlined in the application, which is available in the Registrar's Office. The application deadline is April 1.