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Castleton Engagement

Castleton EngagedAt Castleton, students are heavily involved in the surrounding communities. Through academic coursework, athletics, and co-curricular activities, students engage with a variety of community partners to address issues such as youth mentoring, food scarcity, environmental sustainability, voter registration, and health disparities. Through this work, students help to improve their communities and gain valuable skills and experience in the process. In January, we celebrated our students’ work in their communities at the Third Annual Castleton Engaged! Showcase. In April, we are hosting a Community Partner Fair where students and faculty can meet with representatives from various organizations to learn more about the many opportunities for community engagement at Castleton. We know that many high school students engage in and enjoy volunteer work and then don't continue the work at their universities. Please encourage your student to find ways to make a difference, both on campus and within our surrounding communities.

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The Castleton Wellness Center

The Castleton Wellness Center offers free Health, Counseling, Education and Advocacy services to all Castleton Students.

Registered Nurses assess illness and injury, initiate emergency protocols if needed, promote wellness education, and implement appropriate referrals to local primary care providers.

Our Health Educator conducts presentations to educate students on pertinent health issues, including alcohol and other drugs, sleep, sexual health, stress management, healthy eating, and cold/flu prevention.

Our Counselors provide short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and group counseling. This semester, students can attend a weekly stress clinic and meditation sessions to reduce stress.

Our Violence Prevention and Advocacy staff member supports students who have been sexually assaulted, are involved in abusive relationships, or have experienced stalking or harassment.  This staff member also develops programs, projects, presentations and campaigns around the topic of violence prevention. 

An Alcohol and Drug Counselor provides alcohol and drug evaluations, individual counseling, and group counseling. There are fees involved in drug and alcohol counseling.

Please encourage your student to take advantage of the resources that the Wellness Center offers!

Castleton’s International Community

International FlagsSince the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year, Castleton University has welcomed 32 international students to its campus, setting a new international enrollment record of 53 students from 16 different countries: Bermuda, Canada, the Czech Republic, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, France, Germany, Kenya, Latvia, Nigeria, Peru, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and Zimbabwe. Having students from around the globe join the Castleton community is mutually beneficial for all. For instance, these students bring with them different perspectives and experiences from their home countries, which they frequently share in the classroom, on the playing fields, ski slopes, and courts, as well as in the clubs they join. As a result, campus community members receive a highly personalized world education from these students about their various countries’ cultures, holidays, traditions and beliefs, to name just a few. 

In return, the international students embrace their U.S. experience and thrive as Castleton students both academically and socially. For example, six international students were named to the Castleton University President’s List, the highest academic honor, while 14 were named to the Dean’s List for the fall term of this academic year, which translates to 37% of all international students who received an academic award. One international student was elected as a Student Government Association delegate this fall and five are currently serving as Community Advisors in Residence Life. In addition, there are 39 international students on varsity sports teams including alpine skiing, basketball, football, ice hockey, soccer and tennis. We are excited about the current and future success of our international students at Castleton and look forward to watching as the university’s student population continues to grow in terms of national diversity.

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