At Castleton, we place a lot of emphasis on helping students learn what it means to be an engaged citizen of their campus, local, national, and global communities.

FYS students participated in a photo challenge during orientation. This year, the First Year Seminar Program has made citizenship a theme that extends across several different activities. For our Summer Reading Program, all of our first year students read In the Sea there are Crocodiles, a book based on the experiences of a 10-year old boy from Afghanistan who survived a harrowing journey from Pakistan to Italy. At Orientation, our students engaged in community service projects at 12 different sites in the surrounding areas. 

Project 240 cover photo.As we approach an election year, we are encouraging our students to register to vote, and attend events in the Project 240 lineup. This is an exciting collaborative endeavor between Castleton and the Paramount Theatre in Rutland featuring 17 different events to raise awareness about the general election and to honor the 240th anniversary of our republic. Finally, our first year students have the opportunity to learn about their own citizenship and that of their peers by interacting inside and outside of the classroom with an increasing number of students on campus from all over the world. Next time you see your student, ask them if they have registered to vote or have plans to continue their community service at Castleton.

Ingrid Johnston-Robledo, Dean of Arts, Sciences, and Community EngagementIngrid Johnston-Robledo
Dean of Arts, Sciences and Community Engagement