Health & Mental Health Sites

Stressed Out?

Visit these great websites for some wonderful relaxation and meditation MP3’s. You’ll find here some wonderful guided relaxation exercises to help with sleep, test anxiety, muscle relaxation, focusing, and general relaxation! You can download all these MP3's to your devices.

Self-Assessment and Mental Health Information

  • The ULifeline site was developed especially for college students. It includes anonymous, confidential mental health screenings, as well terrific resources and information about mental health.

Question-and-Answer Website for College Students

  • The popular “Go ask Alice” website out of Columbia University, addresses health and wellness issues, including sexual health issues and mental health topics. It has been in operation for quite a long time, and you can search the archives for answers to many mental health related questions, or submit your own questions anonymously.

Mental Health

  • Have you or a friend been feeling stressed, anxious, sad, hopeless, irritable or unfocused? It’s “OK” to answer “yes” if that’s the case. If you were in physical pain, you’d get it checked out. Mental health is just as important. On, you can find the following:
    • Look up an issue you might be struggling with.
    • Learn how to help a friend in distress
    • Find out where to get help NOW
    • See videos of celebrities and college students who have struggled with emotional issues or substance issues and how they got help.
  • The National Institute of Mental Health offers information about symptoms and treatments for mental disorders.