Health & Wellness FAQs


Is there a fee for seeing the nurse in the Wellness Center?

The Wellness Center does not charge any fees for a student seeing the nurse or for any over the counter medications/supplies provided to the student. If a student is referred to an outside provider for further care, the student is responsible for presenting that provider with their insurance information, billing contact information, and for paying any uncovered charges or co-pays.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to see the nurse?

The nurses see students as walk-ins during the nurses' office hours.

If I am sick or hurt and cannot make it out of my dorm, can the nurse come to my room?

When students are not able to make it over to the Wellness Center on their own, they should call Public Safety at (802) 468-1215 or contact their Area Coordinator (AC). PS or the AC will assist in getting the student over to the Wellness Center; or, if needed will call for Rutland Regional Ambulance services. Students are responsible for all charges associated with outside emergency services.

Do I need to complete and submit a new health form each year?

Students are required to submit their completed health forms before the start of their first semester. After that, students are encouraged to provide any updated health information to the Wellness Center so that their health file is up to date during their enrollment at Castleton University.

I am an athlete who submitted Athletic health forms to my coach or the Athletic Department. Do I need to also complete the Wellness Center health forms?

All students must complete the Wellness Center health forms and submit to the Wellness Center regardless of whether they have also submitted Athletic health forms. These forms are separate requirements; and, departments are not able to share information due to confidentiality.