Student Support Network

The Student Support Network (SSN) is an evidence based certificate program for anyone who is interested in helping others. It has been especially helpful for student leaders, for students entering “helping” majors like nursing, social work, education, and community health; and, for students interested in becoming Community Advisors or Student Orientation Leaders. However, this program is helpful for EVERYONE and the skills learned will last a lifetime.

SSN is a training program comprised of 7 sessions throughout a semester. Participants will learn:

  • The nature of good mental and emotional health
  • Warning signs that someone maybe struggling mentally or emotionally
  • Ways to approach and talk to others who may be having a difficult time
  • Resources that can provide more assistance
  • How to connect friends with appropriate help

The Goals of the Student Support Network

The overall goal of the program is to expand and enrich the network of support on campus so that every member of our community has people looking out for him or her and knows where to go for more help when things get tough. The training aims to give participants the following:

  • Knowledge: Providing Natural Leaders with information about common struggles and how they can help friends seeking help.
  • Skills: Allowing participants to develop helping skills like empathic listening and responding to situations.
  • Perspectives: Offering a safe place to examine issues from varying viewpoints and to think about these topics without perpetuating stigmas related to these concerns.
  • Connection: Building a meaningful connection between all the participants and the Wellness Center staff.

SSN requires no other commitment after the 7 sessions are completed. Graduates will receive a certificate and placard that identifies them as being trained by SSN. To participate in the program, a student must submit an application