Wellness Education

Castleton believes in educating and inspiring the whole person. This philosophy unites health prevention and promotion with academics and student life through the Wellness Center.

The Wellness Center provides information, education, and opportunities to learn about how to develop a healthy and balanced life. Programming, campaigns and presentations are informed by the results of surveys taken by Castleton students and by current national health education trends.

  • Stress management and healthy coping mechanisms are a focus of education each year because a national survey of college students reports stress as the number one hindrance to academic performance.  
  • Healthy Sleep strategies can be difficult in college and 36% of students surveyed in 2013 described daytime sleepiness as a problem. Assisting our students in finding ways to obtain valuable and restorative sleep is a continuous pursuit.
  • Living in close quarters can increase a student’s chance of contracting an illness like the common cold or the flu. Presentations and campaigns addressing illness prevention strategies and self-care techniques are offered throughout each year.
  • Castleton emphasizes harm reduction strategies related to alcohol and other drugs as a means to educate the student body about responsible drinking and positive decision making. While many people believe drinking to be a common and expected behavior at college many of our students choose to drink responsibly and some do not drink at all. 
    • BASICS: Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention of College Students is an evidenced-based, non-judgmental educational program that helps participants to examine their substance use and to identify individual changes that could reduce the risk of future problems.
  • Safer sex education is a priority at Castleton and helps ensure that our students have access to affordable protection and information regarding reproductive health, intimate relationships, and personal/sexual agency.