Policies Governing Student Organizations

Student organizations must comply with all Student Government Association, University and VSC policies. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action against the organization and/or its officers. Policies include, but are not limited to, the following.


Each recognized student group (i.e., club, residence hall, or team) may request permission to chalk. Only one group may chalk at a time. Requests for chalking will normally be granted in conjunction with a particular occasion (e.g., National Coming Out Week). Each request may be approved for a maximum of one week and must be cleaned within 24 hours. If chalking is not removed, the sponsoring group will be charged a clean-up fee, and their future privileges may be revoked. Chalking may be done on University sidewalks only (no stairs, buildings, signs, roadways, etc.) Requests for chalking must be approved by the Director of Student Activities. 


Organizations are prohibited from having their own checking and/or savings accounts. All financial transactions must be handled through the Student Government Association and/or Financial & Registration Services in Woodruff Hall.


Any campus group (i.e., club, class, team, or other group) which plans to solicit money, prizes, ads, or in-kind contributions must receive prior approval for such activities. Fundraising forms are available in the Student Life and SGA offices and must be submitted for each fundraising activity.

All requests for fundraising must be approved in advance.

  1. Requests from athletic teams and club sports must be approved by the Associate Dean of Athletics and Recreation.
  2. Requests from all other internal groups (i.e., club, class, etc.) must be approved by the Director of Student Activities.
  3. Requests from all external groups must be approved by the Director of Conferences and Events.

If the request involves off-campus fundraising, the Director of Development may be part of the approval process.


  1. All proceeds must be deposited immediately with Financial & Registration Services or the Student Government Association.
  2. The activity must represent the University appropriately, support the University’s mission, and be in keeping with the Code of Conduct.
  3. No coin drops, car smashing, or other activities that may be seen as inappropriate when connected to the University will be allowed.
  4. The results of all solicitations and other fund-raising activities must be reported to the appropriate University staff member (see approval above) within five working days of conclusion.


Officers of recognized student organizations must be in good academic standing, that is, they must achieve a GPA that meets or exceeds the minimum described in the current Undergraduate Catalog. See also "Participation in Extracurricular Activities."

Rights of Recognized Student Organizations

The right to use the name of the University, reserve University facilities, use University vehicles, use other University and Student Government Association (SGA) services, and apply for SGA fees is reserved for recognized student organizations.


It is the policy of the University that all Castleton group trips must receive written approval from the Travel Safety Committee.  Trip leaders should develop travel safety plans in initial consultation with the responsible administrator (Associate Dean of Athletics and Recreation for athletics team and club trips; Director of Student Activities for student club trips; or Associate Academic Dean for faculty-led trips).  Travel safety plans must receive approval from the Travel Safety Committee prior to any advertising, registration, fundraising, or major purchases associated with an anticipated trip.

Other policies

Other policies of particular concern to student organizations include Non-Discrimination, Hazing, Activities, and Use of University Logo. For more information about student organizations, please contact the Program Advisor at (802) 468-1465.