Emergency Phones

The 23 Code Blue devices are for emergency purposes only. Please do not activate them for problems you may be encountering such as a car that won't start, keys locked in your car, information, etc. Public Safety can help you with those issues but not by using the emergency phones.

The phones are there for you to use if you have been a victim of a crime, a witness to a crime, or if you feel threatened by any person(s) while on campus. Please use any emergency phone if you feel an emergency situation exists. After pushing the red button on the device, a blue strobe light will activate, and a call will be placed immediately to Public Safety. Public Safety will establish two-way communication with the caller. The caller can describe the emergency by talking into the device, or if the caller cannot respond for any reason, the Public Safety officer will know the location of the emergency through a preprogrammed message, and will respond accordingly. The blue strobe light will remain on until Public Safety responds to the location.