Fire Safety

Improper use of emergency equipment is a violation of State law. Individuals tampering with, or inappropriately using, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, Smoke/Co2 detectors, sprinkler system, AED’s, or video cameras are subject to severe fines and/or disciplinary action. No objects may cover electrical outlets, heat or smoke detectors, fire alarm signaling devices or lighting fixtures.

Vermont State Law requires that all persons must vacate the building each time a fire alarm sounds. This must be done whether there is a fire, a fire drill, or a false alarm. There have been serious fires at other college and universities in recent years and the University is concerned for the welfare of students, faculty, and other building occupants. It is very important to vacate the building quickly once an alarm sounds and to follow the directions of University officials who are assisting with the evacuation. Failure to vacate may result in disciplinary action.

It is the responsibility of all Castleton community members to alert the office of public safety to any active alarm.

Tampering or misuse of any emergency equipment is a serious violation of campus policy and could result in a disciplinary hearing, a $500 fine, and loss of housing on-campus. If a violation occurs in the residence halls and it cannot be determined who is individually responsible, a fine may be levied against the suite, floor or building on which it occurred.