Jean-Sebastien Gagnon

Part-time Faculty

Primary: (802) 468-1145
Fax: (802) 468-1170
Jeffords Center
Room 208
233 South Street


Jean-Sebastian Gagnon received his Ph.D. in theoretical high energy physics from McGill University in 2007, where he worked on computing transport coefficients in hot gauge field theories under the supervision of S. Jeon. After his Ph.D., he joined the group of M. Shaposhnikov as a postdoc at EPFL to conduct research on baryogenesis (a fancy word to say "Why is there more matter than antimatter in the universe"). He later went for another postdoc in the group of J. Berges at TU Darmstadt, where he worked on non-equilibrium quantum field theory, transport coefficients and dark energy (another fancy word to say "Why is the rate of expansion of the universe increases with time"). A common theme of Gagnon's research is (equilibrium and non-equilibrium) field theory applied to problems in particle physics and cosmology. He is now applying field theory to chemical systems of the reaction-diffusion type that mimic some aspects of living systems. More specifically, he is applying dynamical renormalization group techniques to those "living" chemical systems, in order to study the effect of the environment on their behavior and trying to study the origins of life.


Postdoc, Harvard University
Postdoc, Technical University Darmstadt
Postdoc, Ecole Polytechnique Federal De Lausanne
Ph.D., McGill University
M.S., McGill University
B.S., Laval University


  • More than a dozen papers and proceedings on various topics in physics (theoretical particle physics, cosmology, reaction-diffusion chemical systems, multifractals)
  • Presented research results at dozens of institutions and conferences around the world