Emergency Guide

For the quickest response, call (802) 468-1215 or activate a Blue Phone. 911 is available from all campus phones and will notify Public Safety.

Castleton has an Emergency Notification System that sends messages to wired phone, cell phones, e-mail addresses, and text devices. A siren will sound if there is serious threat to campus. You will be asked periodically to update your personal information. It is important for your safety that you do so. In case of an emergency, follow these instructions to help promote your safety and the safety of others:


  • Pull alarm.
  • Evacuate building when alarm sounds.
  • Listen for directions from the building coordinator.
  • Go to  the designated meeting location for your building.
  • Call 911/Public Safety from a safe location.

Hostile Intruder:

  • Protect yourself; get to a safe location.
  • Call Public Safety as soon as possible.
  • Listen for building coordinator's instruction.

If a Shelter in Place notice is announced via the Castleton Emergency Notification System, university e-mail, university voicemail, or by building coordinators/campus officials:

  • Find cover, if in open location.
  • Secure doors in your location.
  • Close and if possible cover windows.
  • Stay away from doors and windows. 
  • Monitor cell phones, e-mail, social media and voicemail.
  • Remain in location until notified.

Suspicious Activity:

  • Notify Public Safety.
  • Write down everything you remember immediately.

Bomb Threat:

  • Remain calm.
  • Write down everything the caller says and describe the caller's voice.
  • Ask questions of the caller: Where is the bomb? When will it explode? (the Emergency Management Plan has an extensive list).
  • Notify Public Safety.

Medical Incident:

  • Call Public Safety (802) 468-1215 and 911.
  • Stay on line with operator.
  • Provide assistance.

Power Outage or Major Leak:

  • Call Public Safety first (802) 468-1215.
  • If emergency exists, activate building alarm.

Data Security Incident:

  • Notify IT Services immediately at (802) 468-1389 or (802) 468-1221 or by emailing ithelp@castleton.edu.
  • Chief Technology Officer will activate the VSC Data Security Incident Response Policy.

Follow Up:

After any of the aforementioned incidents will there be a follow up which will begin immediately via Public Safety. Any large scale incidents will be governed by the President and the University's Emergency Management Team. Further information will be distributed as soon as possible by the Castleton Emergency Notification System, University email, University voicemail, or building coordinators/campus officials depending upon the situation.