Emergency Notification System

Castleton's Emergency Notification System

Castleton contracts with the Send Word Now Alert Service (SWN) to communicate with the campus community during emergencies. Messages can be sent to hundreds of people quickly, reaching them anywhere, any time. The service contacts wired phones, email accounts, and mobile devices with voice or text messages that contain critical information.

The Castleton Emergency Notification System is used only in an emergency. If you ever receive a non-test message from the system, there is a genuine problem that requires your attention. The system is not used for routine weather notification. A siren that can be heard in most campus locations may alert you to expect an important message.

At the beginning of a semester, there are two important steps:

  1. Every member of the campus community has the opportunity to add personal phones, email addresses, and other devices to system.
  2. The university conducts a drill, including the use of the siren. The campus community is notified in advance.

What phones and email addresses will be notified?

The Send Word Now Alert Service has in its database a foundation of campus email addresses. Members of the campus community are invited to add personal numbers and email addresses so that the system can reach everyone in an emergency.

How do you do that?

At the start of the academic year, all students and employees receive an email from “Castleton Emergency Notification System” with an embedded link to update contact information in the Castleton Send Word Now account. It is an easy, quick, and secure process. Students entering in January are asked to update their account at that time. Other updates can be made through Public Safety or the Business Office.

Why should someone add contact information?

Having a wide range of notification options increases the likelihood that important messages will reach you and those around you promptly.