Critical Reviews

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A review is a critical evaluation. By reading reviews, you can determine the quality of a book or movie.

Book Reviews

Books are reviewed in newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals. Ordinarily a book will be reviewed within a year after it is published, although it may be reviewed later. To find a book review, you need to know the author, title, and date of publication. Following are several sources for finding book reviews:

  • Expanded Academic ASAP
    Gives references to reviews and in some cases the full text. Search for title and review. Example: Prodigal Summer and review
  • Book Review Digest, 1905- (REF INDEX 028.1011 B644)
    Gives full bibliographic information about the book, a summary of the book, excerpts from some of the reviews, and references to full reviews in magazines, journals, and newspapers.
  • Book Review Index, 1965- (REF INDEX )
    Cites reviews in magazines, journals, and newspapers. Does not include summaries or excerpts of reviews. More comprehensive in its coverage than Book Review Digest.

Movie Reviews

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