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Basic information about government publications

Government information includes any publications issued by local, state, national, or international governments. The documents collection has information on topics ranging from AIDS to the environment. In fact, it is hard to think of a topic you would not find in government documents.

Government information includes laws, regulations, statistics, consumer information, and much more. Government information is generally considered to be reliable.

Government documents in Castleton University Library and online

As a selective federal government depository, Castleton University Library receives about 16 percent of the government agency publications as they are produced and a complete collection of Congressional hearings since 1976. Castleton University Library is also a depository for Vermont state government documents.

Most of the U.S. documents collections are located on the first floor. Most of the U.S. documents are classified by Sudocs number. Vermont documents are arranged by department or agency. There is no index for Vermont state government documents, but you may wish to browse through this collection in the Vermont Room.

Most government documents circulate, just like books. In addition to the documents collection in the library, you can find many federal and state documents on the Internet.

How to find government information

The best way to find government information in agency publications, legislation, court cases, and hearings is to use the following sources:

    • VSC Library Catalog Most of the federal documents in the Castleton University Library are cataloged in VSC Online Catalog. Search by topic and Limit Type to GovDoc in the Advanced Search menu.
    • GPO Access Search for information on your topic in Congressional bills, Congressional Record, U.S. Code, Federal Regulations, Federal Register, U.S. Budget and more. You may download the full text of a bill or law.
    • LexisNexis Full-text of bills, laws, regulations, and much more. 
    • U.S. Code - The body of law of the United States

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