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Academic OneFile (Gale)

A very large, multi-disciplinary database that includes indexing for over 8,000 journals, with full-text of articles in over half of those journal titles.

Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)

A very large, multi-disciplinary database that includes indexing for over 8,000 magazines and journals with full text of articles from over 4,600 of those.

Access Science (McGraw-Hill)



Biography in Context (Gale)

Material on over 500,000 individuals, past and present, US and international.

BioOne (BioOne)

BioOne includes a broad selection of the full-texts of peer-reviewed journals published by not-for-profit societies and other publishing organizations and focused on the biological, ecological and environmental sciences. Articles are available in both HTML and PDF formats.

Burlington Free Press Digital Microfilm (ProQuest)

Page images of the BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, 2010 - approx. 2 months before current date. To be used only if you know the date of the item you seek. (No keyword or subject search capability.)

Business Insights: Essentials (Gale)

Corporate and industry information. Investment reports, histories, financials, magazine, journal and news articles, and more.

Business Source Premier (EBSCO)

A large index, primarily to magazine and journal articles, in all areas of business. Many citations are linked to full-text of articles. Includes trade publications, some newspapers, and selected industry profiles.

Business Collection (Gale)

Business, trade and international publications.


Career Transitions (Gale)

Elements of the job search process. Includes resume writing, interviewing, networking, and more. Requires registration.

Chilton Library (Gale)

(Gale) Automotive repair information for do-it-yourself repair people. Includes makes and models from 1940 to the present.

CINAHL Plus with Full Text (EBSCO)

CUMULATIVE INDEX TO NURSING AND ALLIED HEALTH LITERATURE. Comprehensive index to professional periodicals and other material for nursing and other allied health professionals. Limited to four simultaneous users.

Computer Database (Gale)

Index to periodicals on computing and computer related topics. Full-text of many articles.

CQ Researcher (CQ Press)

Electronic version of the highly regarded weekly. Covers one hot topic/week, with back-files 1991 to present.

Credo Reference (Credo)

Electronic access to the full text of over 750 reference books, from a variety of academic publishers.

CHOICE Reviews Online (ALA)

Reviews of scholarly books and selected electronic resources. Reviews are written specifically for college and university libraries.



Education Resources Information Center. Index to articles and other documents on all aspects of education. Note that Castleton owns the document microfiche (the "ED" numbered citations) ED 002907 to ED 483046

Education Research Complete (EBSCO)

Covers all levels of education from early childhood to higher education. Indexes almost 2,500 journals, with full-text of articles in over half of those journals. Also indexes and includes full-text of over 550 books, as well as reports, and conference papers.

Environment Complete (EBSCO)

Indexing for approximately 2,500 titles, including full-text of articles in over 1,100 journals and 200 monographs. Offers deep coverage in the areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, and affiliated areas of study.

Expanded Academic ASAP (Gale)

Indexes almost 6,000 periodicals from a wide range of disciplines. Approximately 3,300 of those link to full-text of articles. A good place to begin academic research.


Films on Demand (InfoBase Publishing)

Streaming video of over 20,000 documentary and educational films. Producers include Films for the Humanities & Sciences, BBC, PBS, Cambridge Educational, National Geographic, History Channel, and more.


General OneFile (Gale)

Indexing for articles in over 14,000 scholarly and popular press periodicals (including some children's magazines). Full-text is available for articles in over 8,000 of those titles. Includes everything indexed in Business Index ASAP, Computer Database, and Expanded Academic Index ASAP, as well as the periodicals in K - 12 Indexes, Health and Wellness Resource Center, and Business and Company Resource Center.

General Reference Center Gold (Gale)

Indexing and full-text of magazines, newspapers, trade publications, media and reference books. A general interest database covering current events, popular culture, business and industry trends, the arts and sciences, sports, hobbies, and more.

GeoRef (EBSCO)

Comprehensive index to the literature of geology and related disciplines.

GreenFile (EBSCO)

Indexing of scholarly, government and general interest titles. Coverage includes global climate change, pollution, sustainability, renewable energy, recycling, and more. Some citations are linked to full text of articles.


Health & Environmental Research Online (HERO) (US Environmental Protection Agency)

Resources used in human and ecosystem risk assessment. Most sources are peer-reviewed journal articles, but other types of resources are also included. Some search results will be citations only, others are full-text. See bottom of citation to determine if a link to full-text is available.

Health & Wellness Resource Center (Gale)

Provides access to selected medical reference works (encyclopedias, directories, drug handbooks, etc.) as well as indexing, and some full-text, for articles in medical and consumer health periodicals.

Health Source: Nursing/Academic Edition (EBSCO)

Indexing of over 800 journals of interest to nurses and other allied health professionals. Full text of articles in over 300 of those journals.


JSTOR Arts & Sciences I, II, & III (JSTOR)

An electronic collection of the complete back runs of about 246 scholarly journals. Coverage for each journal title begins whenever the journal started, with several titles going back to the nineteenth century. A cautionary note: JSTOR is an archival resource, and is not intended as a substitute for current subscriptions to separate journal titles. Articles from the current year are never available. Each journal has a "moving wall" of 1 to 5 years (depending on the journal). So, coverage of some journals will stop a year ago, others will stop 2 years ago, etc. Each January, another year's content is added.


K - 12 Indexes (Gale)

A set of databases specifically designed for young researchers: Kid's Edition--for elementary school students; Junior Edition--for junior high and middle school students; Student Edition--for high school students. Each is available in either "standard" or a "graphical" interface. Age appropriate reference sources and periodical articles are included.


Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe (Lexis-Nexis)

Full text of major newspapers (U.S. and international), law reviews, federal and state statutes and court cases, business publications, corporate financial information, and more.

Literature Resource Center (Gale)

Resource for research on literary topics, authors, and their works, across genres and disciplines, time periods, and regions of the world. Includes full-text scholarly articles from more than 360 academic journals and literary magazines, excerpts from scholarly books, book reviews, biographical information, primary sources, overview essays on books and literary topics, links to websites on authors and their works, pictures of authors, audio interviews and reviews, and full text of poems and short stories.

LISTA (Library, Information Science, & Technology Abstracts) (EBSCO)

An index to magazine and journal articles of direct interest to librarians and other information professionals. Most entries are citations with abstracts, with occasional full-text of articles.

LegalTrac (Gale)

LegalTrac provides indexing and selective full-text for all major law reviews, law journals, specialty law and bar association journals and legal newspapers. The database offers coverage of federal and state cases, laws and regulations, legal practice and taxation, as well as international law. Indexing for over 1,800 titles with full-text of almost 300.


MLA International Bibliography (EBSCO)

Comprehensive international index to scholarship in literature.


The huge database of citations to articles in approximately 5,000 biomedical journals, created by the National Library of Medicine. Occasional links to full text of articles in other EBSCO databases.


NCJRS Abstracts Database (National Criminal Justice Reference Service)

National Criminal Justice Service's index to articles and other documents on all aspects of criminal justice.

Naxos Music Library

A large collection of recorded (primarily classical) music. Searchable in a variety of ways. Three user limit.

New York Times Digital Microfilm (ProQuest)

Page images of the NEW YORK TIMES, 2008 - approx. 2 months before current date. To be used only if you know the date of the item you seek. (No keyword or subject search capability.) For indexing or full-text searching use: New York Times Historical (page images, 1851 - approx. 3 years previous) or Newsstand, including New York Times (html files, 1985 through current).

New York Times Historical (ProQuest)

PDF page images of the NEW YORK TIMES, 1851 - approx. 3 years previous. Searchable by date, keyword, article type.

Newsstand, including New York Times (Gale)

InfoTrac Custom Newspapers. NEW YORK TIMES full text start date is 1985. Other papers vary in dates of coverage.

New York Times (daily paper & archive)

This link connects to a registration site. Members of the Castleton University community may register here, and then connect to from any device, on campus or from remote locations.


Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale)

A good starting point for overviews of pro and con viewpoints on hot topics.

Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press)

(Oxford University Press) The place to find derivations and histories of english language words.

Oxford Music Online (Oxford University Press)

Electronic version of a collection of standard reference sources in the field of music. The most prominent is the NEW GROVE DICTIONARY OF MUSIC AND MUSICIANS, a well-respected, 29 volume, encyclopedia.


ProQuest Central (ProQuest)

Very large, multi-disciplinary database that includes indexing for over 21,000 sources (mostly magazines and journals). Full text is available for many.

Powerspeak Languages (Gale)

Beginner units in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, ESL for Spanish speakers, and ESL for Mandarin speakers. Requires registration.

Professional Development Collection (EBSCO)

For educators, this index is a subset of Academic Search Premier (above). It includes indexing of approximately 550 teaching and education related journals, with full text of articles in many.


Comprehensive index to scholarly literature of psychology.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (EBSCO)

Indexing and full-text of articles in over 500 scholarly journals.


Roper Center, Public Opinion Archives (Roper)

A collection of polling resources, including iPoll, a database of polling/survey questions, as well as archives of U.S. and international datasets.

Rutland Herald Online (Rutland Herald)

Full-text of current paper and archives, including an "e-paper" option. Requires individual registration. On-campus only.

Resources for College Libraries (ACRL)

A directory of resources (books and some electronic resources) recommended for college and university libraries. Includes some reviews. No text of actual resources.


Science Direct: Health & Life Sciences Collection (Elsevier)

Full-text of scholarly journal articles, from over 900 journals, in the health and life sciences. All journals are from a single publisher (Elsevier).

Science in Context (Gale)

Full-text news, journal, and magazine articles, as well as articles from some full-text reference sources. Emphasis is on hot topics.

Small Business Resource Center (Gale)

Includes sample business plans, how-to guides, articles and websites.

SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCO)

Offers comprehensive coverage of Sociology, with additional coverage of related disciplines (criminology and criminal justice, social work, social psychology, gender studies, etc.) Indexing for over 4,000 titles, with full text of articles from almost 900 journals.

Sport Discus (EBSCO)

Index to periodicals and other material in physical education, exercise science, athletic training, recreation, and more. Limited to four simultaneous users.

Standard Rate & Data Service (SRDS) (Kantar Media)

Comprehensive source of media rates and other related information for marketing and advertising professionals. Note: The Local Market Audiences component (under Other SRDS Services) works only in Internet Explorer. Please be patient because search results can be slow to load.



A comprehensive, international directory of periodicals (titles, publishers, etc.). No links to actual content of magazines and journals.

U. S. History in Context (Gale)

Selected material drawn from standard reference sources, magazines, audio files, academic journals. A good starting point for topics in U.S. history.


VSC Art & Architecture Image Database

Over 15,000 high-resolution images, from Neolithic to twentieth century.

Vermont Newspapers Index

Index to The BURLINGTON FREE PRESS (1984 - May, 2009) and The RUTLAND HERALD (1984 - April, 2009). Indexing only, not full text.


WorldCat (OCLC)

A huge union catalog of the holdings of most major U.S. libraries.