Castleton Announces MHG Solar Partnership

Castleton University is proud to announce a partnership with MHG Solar that will allow Castleton to purchase net-metering credits from a community solar site in nearby Poultney, Vermont. Castleton anticipates that partnering in the MHG Solar project will generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential savings over the next 25 years.

MHG Solar, an energy company based out of Manchester, Vermont, is beginning construction on a series of solar projects that will be located on old tailings piles in slate quarries that extend from Poultney to Pawlet. These unique locations, which qualify as preferred solar sites due to their already disturbed landscape, help to preserve the state’s limited agricultural lands, hide the solar arrays from public view, and take advantage of existing infrastructure for transmission and site access. The sites will include a 500-kilowatt array with over 2,000 panels, all connected to Green Mountain Power.

“MHG’s vision for sustainability was an important factor in our decision to move forward with this innovative venture. Building solar infrastructure has a significant upfront cost, so we’re excited to partner on this community solar project as we continue to support renewable energy in Vermont,” said Castleton President Dr. Karen M. Scolforo.

MHG Solar partners with quarry owners to enter a long-term lease commitment on the land while still allowing the quarry to operate outside of the solar project footprint. MHG develops, constructs, and finances the solar projects. As a customer of MHG Solar, Castleton will purchase power from the projects in the form of solar bill credits. The University is not responsible for insurance, maintenance, or other obligations with regard to the solar project itself.

“MHG Solar is excited to be partnering with Castleton University on our slate quarry solar projects. The University represents a critical component of the local community and being able to have them participate in our unique set of solar projects shows a true commitment to not only renewable energy, but also a creative approach to land use and a forward-looking approach to meeting clean energy goals,” said Thomas Hand, co-founder of MHG Solar. “The financial, community, and educational benefits of this partnership are very exciting. We are hopeful that this partnership can grow for years to come.”