Castleton Launches Online Speech Language Pathology Essentials Certificate Program

Castleton University has launched a new certificate program in Speech Language Pathology Essentials.

This fully-online program is designed to prepare students to pursue graduate study in speech language pathology or communication disorders. The program is available as a certificate program for working professionals and those who already hold a bachelor’s degree, or as a minor for current undergraduate students at Castleton.

The program includes six courses – taught by experienced faculty with clinical backgrounds – focusing on areas including phonetics, speech and hearing science, anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism, and more. The courses that Castleton University is offering have been identified as the most common prerequisites for graduate programs in the Northeast.  

The primary reason for Castleton’s new certificate program is due to the shortage of credentialed employees working in the field, including schools, hospitals, clinics, and nursing facilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for speech language pathologists is expected to grow by 18 percent in the next decade.

“Speech Language Pathology is an in-demand career that appeals to students across multiple disciplines. By offering a certificate program in SLP Essentials at Castleton, we offer our current students an opportunity to prepare for graduate school in this field, regardless of their current major,” said Program Coordinator Megan Blossom. “By offering it online we hope to make the program feasible for working adults interested in a career change. Students can enroll in the courses from anywhere and will receive excellent instruction from experts and practicing speech language pathologists.”

Applications for the Speech Language Pathology Essentials certificate program are now being accepted. For more information, contact admissions at or by telephone at (802) 468-1213 or (800) 639-8521.