Castleton University Granted Chapter of Social Sciences Honor Society

We are proud to announce that Castleton University is hosting the newest chapter of Pi Gamma Mu, the International Honor Society in Social Sciences.  

Dr. Scott Roper, chair of the Department of History, Geography, Economics, and Politics, and Dr. Paul Derby, chair of the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice, completed the application for the University to charter a new chapter of Pi Gamma Mu.  

Roper said he and Derby have been talking about their departments' shared interests in the social sciences. Starting this chapter of the honor society seemed like a good step to benefit the community.  

"I think a group like this can work to do a lot of good in the community. We might host lectures, plan career-related experiences, and hold other events that will be of interest across disciplines in the social sciences - whatever the students want to do with the organization," Roper said. "I think it helps to break down barriers between subject areas and emphasizes what our many social science programs have in common."  

Castleton’s Vermont Pi Gamma Mu Chapter became the 485th chapter of the honor society following an extensive review by its international board of trustees. Pi Gamma Mu is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, the nation's only certifying body for college and university honor societies.  

Pi Gamma Mu describes its primary purpose as fostering good scholarship and providing a variety of benefits for students.  

It offers a guest lecture program, the International Social Science Review journal, student scholarships for graduate study, and opportunities for students to present papers at regional meetings and conventions.  

To join Pi Gamma Mu, a student must have completed 45 undergraduate credit hours or more with a "B" average or better, including at least 20 credits in the social sciences with a "B" average or better. At Castleton, the courses that count as social sciences include those in AnthropologyCriminal JusticeEconomicsEnvironmental StudiesGeographyGlobal StudiesHistoryPolitical SciencePsychologySociologySocial Work, and Women's and Gender Studies. 

About Pi Gamma Mu  

The mission of Pi Gamma Mu is to encourage and promote excellence in the Social Sciences and to uphold and nurture scholarship, leadership, and service. Pi Gamma Mu serves the various social science disciplines which seek to understand and explain human behavior and social relationships as well as their related problems and issues.