Castleton University Receives $2.25 Million Federal Education Grant

Castleton University has received a $2.25 million Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education, under the Strengthening Institutions Program.

The funds, awarded over five years, will support new initiatives designed to improve student success, address student needs, and bolster the University's persistence and completion rates. The University will focus on developing a digital learning commons, providing additional resources for institutional research, upgrades to classroom technology and infrastructure, and more.

"I am incredibly proud of the hardworking team that completed this successful proposal, and I am excited for the opportunities this grant will provide for us to better engage our students and ensure that they have the resources they need to complete their degree," Castleton President Dr. Karen M. Scolforo said.

The Federal Title III Strengthening Institutions Program helps eligible colleges and universities expand their capacity to serve low-income students by providing funds to improve and strengthen academic quality and institutional management. The grants - which are highly competitive - may be used for planning, and faculty development. Administrative management and the development and improvement of academic programming are also supported.

"The Title III grant will help Castleton to reduce the gaps we've identified in student achievement and remove barriers to student success by aligning our students' needs with increased support," Provost Dr. Thomas Mauhs-Pugh said. "We believe this grant will have a profound impact on how we serve our students."

The Castleton University Title III Strengthening Institutions Program grant is 100% federally funded at $449,083 annually.