Early Childhood Educators Summer Institute Returns to Castleton

Castleton University is once again offering the Early Childhood Educators Institute from July 22-25, 2019. The Institute consists of 13 strands of learning aligned with 13 hybrid courses designed to deepen practice, meet child care professional development requirements, and assist teachers in obtaining or retaining licenses and endorsements.

“We are excited to partner with many of the state’s preeminent content experts in early childhood in this institute. We are offering quality professional development in areas like Trauma, Special Education, Behavior Strategies, Equity and Inclusion, and Nature-Based Play and Learning, designed to improve outcomes for all young children, particularly some of our most vulnerable,” said Castleton’s Director of Education Dr. Ric Reardon.

Courses offered through the Institute are developed and designed specifically for early childhood and primary teachers, special educators, home visitors, and related service/CIS personnel. The Institute will offer additional courses in content areas related to educating students from birth through grade 3.

It is anticipated that more than 150 childcare providers, supervisors, and experts will attend the Institute, many staying on campus throughout the entire program. A salient feature of this institute is the cooperative spirit of Vermont’s colleges and universities, parent and child centers, childcare institutions, and state agencies, many of whom are offering a course. The Institute will feature plenary talks by the Vermont Secretary of Education, Dr. Dan French, as well as other notable experts in the field of early childhood education.

For more information on the Early Childhood Educators Summer Institute, please visit castleton.edu/summer-institute or contact Dr. Ric Reardon at (802) 468-1234 or via email at richard.reardon@castleton.edu.