Spring 2020 Arts Season Preview at Castleton University

Castleton University will host more than 20 arts and cultural events during the spring 2020 semester. This includes lectures, dance performances, live theater, films, workshops, and more. Castleton University Arts events are open to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the greater community.

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“I am incredibly excited for the talented artists and speakers we have the pleasure of hosting at Castleton this semester,” said Marisa Valent, manager of the Fine Arts Center and Soundings program. “Both the students and the greater Castleton community will have the opportunity to experience artistic and cultural events unlike any they’ve ever seen. Our season is packed full and you don’t want to miss any of it.

A sampling of events this season at Castleton University:  

Cashore Marionettes (Jan. 28)

Joseph Cashore presents his collection of marionette masterworks. Characters of depth, integrity, and humanity are portrayed in an evening unlike anything else in theater today. The performance is a series of scenes taken from everyday life and set to beautiful music by composers such as Beethoven, Vivaldi, Strauss, and Copland.

Samite Performance (Jan. 30)

TED Talk speaker, world-renowned musician, and photographer Samite has remarkable stories based upon his work with refugees and survivors of war. A former refugee from Uganda, Samite has worked with groups as diverse as child soldiers in East Africa to cancer survivors in the American Midwest. He has discovered a universal healing power in music. Interspersed with his stories are powerful vocals accompanied by African instruments. 

“A Woman, Ain’t I?” (Feb. 4)

Born a slave in New Paltz, New York, Isabella Baumfree walked away from slavery and in her travels evolved into Sojourner Truth: maid, laundress, evangelist, abolitionist, and suffragist. This program, presented by Kathryn Woods, tells Sojourner Truth’s story in her own words, speeches, and songs. 

Three Goofs (Feb. 5)

Three Goofs is a circus troupe featuring the clowning antics and circus skills of Tom Vazquez, Terry LaCasse, and Doug Rougeaux. These three fools perform the standard clown routines we know and love, juggling their clown egos (and any objects that they can hold on to), and throwing some silly magic and music into the mix, all while attempting to create something huge, fresh and soapy smelling: THE WORLD'S BIGGEST BUBBLE!

Ballet Folklorico Nacional (Feb. 10)

The Ballet Folklorico has been recognized by U.S. and Mexican officials as one of the most exciting groups presenting authentic regional dances of Mexico. This program includes historic dances from various regions of Mexico, as well as dances dedicated to the "soldaderas," the courageous women who supported and fought alongside men during the Mexican revolution. 

Big Fish (March 26-29)

Castleton University’s Theater Arts Department presents Big Fish, a musical based on the celebrated novel by Daniel Wallace and the acclaimed film directed by Tim Burton.

Anne Frank’s Neighbors: What Did They Do? (April 23)

Anne Frank’s Diary is the most widely read nonfiction book in the world after the Bible. Readers paid little attention to her neighbors – the people who lived next door to her. Mary Fillmore presents a show to examine the choices they faced and the decisions they made in the face of those choices. Step in the world of Anne Frank and experience what she has been through. 

Castleton University Music Department Events

  • Chamber Singers (April 19)
  • Wind Ensemble (April 29)
  • String Orchestra (April 30)
  • Choral and Chamber Singers (May 2)
  • Jazz Ensemble (May 7)