The Castleton Connection

You could say that racing is in Devin Poslusny’s blood.

Poslusny was just 6 years old when he went to his first NASCAR race. As a child, he would collect Matchbox Cars and race them around hand-drawn tracks, announcing the imaginary race. By age 12, Poslusny had his own web series and would talk racing once a week. In high school, he shifted his energy and began filming and announcing all of the athletic games. By his junior year of high school, he had founded his own production company, DP Production Group. Today, Poslusny travels to tracks across the Northeast every weekend to broadcast racing.

A sophomore Media & Communication major at Castleton, Poslusny  found himself walking through the University’s Athletics Hall of Fame back in March when he stumbled upon a plaque celebrating the accomplishments of Mark Garrow ’81. The name sounded familiar, and a quick Google search revealed why.

Garrow is an award-winning motorsports broadcaster and has created nationally syndicated radio shows, co-anchored some of the most exciting NASCAR race broadcasts, and negotiated one of the biggest business deals ever for a NASCAR news website.

“I didn’t know how to reach out to him, but I noticed that he was very active on Twitter. So I followed him and tweeted a photo of the plaque,” Poslusny said. “I said ‘Found this in my college’s Hall of Fame! I’d love to meet and interview you one day.’”

Garrow’s response?

“He said, ‘Devin … anytime my friend … glad to do it … and always good to hear from someone chiming in from the 802.’”

Poslusny took the encounter a step further and asked if Garrow would be interested in broadcasting a race together. Garrow said he would love to.

What happened next is what makes the Castleton connection so special.

On Thursday, July 18, Garrow – who was in the region for the NASCAR race in Loudon, New Hampshire – joined Poslusny at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine, and the two broadcast a race together.

“My experience broadcasting with Mark was incredible. He is a true professional, and it shows in his work. Throughout the whole time we spent together, he was giving me pointers on where I could improve and my production company, as well as feedback on the protocols I already have in place. I learned many things, but the biggest thing I learned was to always prepare and do your research. It’s great to be able to talk into a microphone, but having the facts to back up your words is half the battle,” Poslusny said.

Poslusny will continue to broadcast athletic events this year under DP Production Group. He has 30 races on his schedule, three all-star style events (including the Lions Twin State Cup held at Castleton University), and a full winter sports schedule, which includes Rutland High School games played at Spartan Arena.