The Academic Support Center offers the best resources I’ve ever had: both academic and emotional support. They’re not like the counselors in high school where you were more of a number. Having that connection in a new environment is important.”

Brooke Greenway Social Work, Class of 2020

They understand people from different cultures at the Academic Support Center, and that’s the most beautiful thing. Without them, I wouldn’t have graduated. Becky Eno, the Academic Counselor, helped me a lot with my writing. She sat down and showed me exactly what I needed to do. My papers went from C+ to A+.

Adan Osman Bachelor of Social Work, 2017

The TRIO program and resources have aided me immensely as I pursue a career in physical therapy. More important than the financial aid I have received from TRIO, the mentorship and guidance I have found have helped me more than mere words could explain.

Weslee Thompson Health Science and Psychology, Class of 2020

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Killington Experience Days

Experience Day provides the opportunity for students interested in Resort & Hospitality Management to attend classes, meet with faculty and current students…